Been a LONG While!!

It's been a while; but, I decided to log on and post an update!

Things are going great now! The landlord and owner both decided I could stay! We'll still be moving in Feb., however. But, them giving the okay bought us a few months.

My Halloween was great. I was dressed as an angel! I'll have pictures to share soon.

My Thanksgiving was also great! I got turkey giblets, liver and other tasty organs. ;]

Christmas is around the corner. I have a few toys on my wish list. I really hope I get a kong. (wish me luck!)

I just wanted to say Happy holidays to my few readers!!!

I hope things are going great for you!

I'll restart my myth of the weeks once I can post daily again! So, keep an eye out for them.

Oh, yeah, we have two new additions! Precious and Meepster.
They're brother/sister and Heinz 57's.

They're chihuahua x shetland sheepdog x catahoula leopard dog

Aren't they adorable?