Been a LONG While!!

It's been a while; but, I decided to log on and post an update!

Things are going great now! The landlord and owner both decided I could stay! We'll still be moving in Feb., however. But, them giving the okay bought us a few months.

My Halloween was great. I was dressed as an angel! I'll have pictures to share soon.

My Thanksgiving was also great! I got turkey giblets, liver and other tasty organs. ;]

Christmas is around the corner. I have a few toys on my wish list. I really hope I get a kong. (wish me luck!)

I just wanted to say Happy holidays to my few readers!!!

I hope things are going great for you!

I'll restart my myth of the weeks once I can post daily again! So, keep an eye out for them.

Oh, yeah, we have two new additions! Precious and Meepster.
They're brother/sister and Heinz 57's.

They're chihuahua x shetland sheepdog x catahoula leopard dog

Aren't they adorable?


Long Time No Bark!!

So, anyway, a small update as to what I told you in the beginning of the month:

Daddy's momma is trying to talk the owner of this place into letting her rent to own. We've all got our paws crossed and our breath is being held. We're waiting for her and the landlord to get back to us; and, whatever they say, determines whether or not we move. It determines our future, you could say. So, guys, keep your paws crossed. Maybe this will be Daddy's first victory in the battle against BSL.

Anyway, Halloween is sneaking up! Which could only mean one thing: Costumes, pumpkins, kids and... you guessed it!... doggie treats. So, if you're reading this, here is a Halloween recipe that your dogs may enjoy. Don't be afraid to try it out. It came from The Good Food Cookbook for Dogs by Donna Twichell Roberts.

Creepy Cat Cake

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup old fashioned oatmeal
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
1/4 cup honey
1 egg, slightly beaten
2 tablespoons water
2 tablespoons chopped walnuts

1 Place Flour, oatmeal, baking powder, and pumpkin pie spice in a medium bowl and mix to combine. Make a well in the center.
2 In a seperate bowl, stir together pumpkin, honey, egg and water.
3 Pour pumpkin mixture into flour mixture and stir for 4 to 5 strokes. Add walnuts and stir just to combine all ingredients.
4 Spray inside of large cat mold and parchment paper with cooking oil. Place cat mold on parchment-lined cookie sheet. Spoon pumpkin mixture into the mold to within 1/4 inch of the top. Remaining batter can be spooned into greased muffin cups and baked alongside the cat. Bake in preheated 400F oven for 20 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool in mold for 5 minutes. Remove from mold and continue cooling on rack. Makes 1 cat cake and about 3 or 4 muffins.

Have a pawfect Howl O Ween!!!


Wow, It's Been a While

Long time, no post.

Sorry about the delay. Things have been hectic. For a while, I won't be posting myths of the weeks. This is; like I said; because things have been hectic. I thought I'd just pop in and make a quick update.

So, the family found out that their insurance doesn't cover pit bulls and since we're renting; that's BAD news. And, today, we found out we might be getting evicted. I hope things go smoothly. Anyway, I thought I'd let my few readers know where I've been. I'm sorry it's been so long. Don't worry, I'm still alive and no one is giving me away! I'll be here until the day I croak.

Wait, pit bulls don't croak...



So, while reading an article about guinea pigs and why you shouldn't buy live animals from pet shops: Daddy noticed a link to PeTA with quotes form PetCo employees. Curious (because he's anti-PeTA and, for some reason is attracted by their stupidity) he clicked on the link. Well, the page was gone. But, what showed up APPALLED him.

"This could have happened for several reasons:
1. The page may be extinct, just as you soon could be, too, if you are still loading your plate with hamburgers, cheese pizzas, and other artery-clogging animal-based foods.
2. The page may have been moved, like animals in circuses, who are hauled around the country in poorly ventilated trailers and boxcars for up to 50 weeks a year in all kinds of extreme weather conditions.
3. You may have made a mistake while typing the address, or we may have made a mistake when creating the link. Mistakes can be corrected. When Anna Wintour got a dead raccoon dumped on her lap by an angry anti-fur protester, she should have learned that wearing the pelts of animals who were cruelly gassed, strangled, or electrocuted is a big mistake. Yet the creepy Cruella continues to push fur in the pages of Vogue.
4. Our Web server may be malfunctioning. When stun guns and “killing machines” in slaughterhouses malfunction, live chickens get dumped into tanks of scalding-hot water (for feather removal) while they are completely conscious, and workers cut the hooves off terrified, conscious cows.
What you can do:
1. You can try again, correcting any misspellings in the address.
2. You can read our Frequently Asked Questions, to see if your question is answered there.
3. You can visit our home page or our Web sites about the following issues:
VegetarianismCompanion AnimalsFurLeatherAnimal ExperimentsCircuses
For a list of all PETA sites, click here.
4. You can go vegetarian. This won’t help you find the link you’re looking for, but it will make you feel better, reduce your risk of debilitating diseases, and help save thousands of animals all at the same time. It will also answer the question, “If we teach our children to be kind to animals, why do we adults still exploit them?”
5. You can do something right now to help the animals who are suffering on factory farms, on fur farms, in circuses, and in laboratories: You can join PETA.Please visit our site map or search engine if you feel you've reached this page in error."

Now, forcing that shit on people? That is JUST like PeTA.


Myth of the Week

I missed out on yet ANOTHER myth of the week. However, no worries, posting just a day late won't hurt. There will, however, be two posts day. :] And, I'm doing two myths today just in case I miss nextweek.

Myth: If you don't breed your pit bull (male or female) (s)he'll be more likely to turn on you.
Fact: Breeding a female may actually increase the chances of her biting as some mother dogs are VERY protective of their pups. When daddy's mom bred pomeranians, there was a certain one that wouldn't let ANYONE touch her or the puppies except Daddy's mom. And, whenever someone tried to touch either of them, she'd snap.This can be the case for any breed; including pit bulls. Besides, a dog; if neutered at a young age; won't know the difference. Dogs; unlike humans; do not have a desire to breed ALL the time. A female dog only wants to breed during her heat cycle and a male only wants to reed when there's a female around that's on her heat cycle. But, fixing a dog young is great because then the dog never wants to breed. I have a feeling this (ignorant) myth was started by a backyard breeder that wanted an "excuse" to breed Fido to Mimi.

Myth: An unaltered dog is more likely to turn than an altered dog.
Fact: Though I support spaying and neutering, I have to say, this one never made sense to me. Growing up, Daddy's been around a great deal of unaltered dogs of all breeds; none of them turned on me. And, I must confess, Chance is unaltered and the best damn (excuse my french) family dog there is. He could never be neutered due to health problems; so, he is still intact. And, he has never bit any of us. Not any of us dogs, not of the cats, not any of the humans. Nor has he shown any signs of aggression. And, he's been with the pack since 1998. Now, I'm in no way saying you shouldn't spay and neuter your dogs. Please do it unless theres a reason not to. Lord knows we have enough dogs; especially pit bulls; in the shelters right now. Plus, there are health benefits, too.




There is a 19 year old girl, April Franklin, Pitbull_gurl_ 85@(yahoo. com) and desperadosgirl68169 @yahoo.comwho lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa (336 Benton, Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503).She is contacting shelters and rescue groups, as well as individual Pit owners across the U.S. trying to get free Pit Bulls to sell. She contacted me a week ago asking if she could "rescue" two of my rescued dogs because she is starting a rescue in Iowa. Something didn't fit right, so I declined her request, and did some research. She had submitted an application with PBRC, which was rejected by the adoptive family, and this info does NOT match the info she provided me with when trying to get two dogs from me. An internet search discovered that this "rescuer" is selling Pit Bulls, most likely dogs she has gotten for free, since she's claiming to be a "rescue" and making $700. 00 each for them (the posts directly from her, as well as the link to the source of the posts, are posted at the bottom of this DNA e-mail, please read them to understand the DNA).PLEASE spread the word on this girl, as she does NOT need to be making money off of innocent animals.She's only hurting the breed: the dogs she releases are NOT spayed or neutered, and are only contributing to the breed's overpopulation as it is.PLEASE help shut her down, and PLEASE spread the word to every Pit person and animal shelter/rescue that you know. She is NOT just trying to get dogs from Iowa, she's contacted rescues in SEVERAL different states (me being one, in Atlanta, GA



So, it's been a while since I last posted. No worries, though, nothing has happened to me. The computer has been down and the few times I've been online, I've only been able to check my Dogster page and send out a few pawmails. So, today, I have a lot of catching up to do! Let's see, there was something I wanted to post... and I missed out on a myth of the week. It may have been two, but I'm only putting one. It's easier on the pawpads. Anyway, first of all, I wanna give a big shout out to Pikapet!! When I logged on today, I noticed that on September 12th I was voted best link. I just wish I could've been online that day. Either way, it's an honor and I thank you all x1,000 for it!! Well, moving on, myth of the week. It's late, but here it is:

Myth of the week: It is best to get a puppy as you will know exactly what to expect from your American pit bull terrier.

Fact: Many people feel if they get a Pit Bull as a puppy they can train it to not be aggressive towards other dogs and increase the likelihood that the dog will have no undesirable behavior qualities. Puppies can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, but with a new puppy there is no way of knowing how that dog will act as an adult. One benefit of adopting a young adult or full grown Pit Bull is the ability to avoid the uncomfortable puppy behavior stage. This includes constant destructive chewing, house breaking, excessive and uncontrollable energy, teething and puppy biting, possible whining, howling, and barking for attention at night, and the time and effort it takes to begin teaching general manners and obedience.
Another benefit is that an adopter can know how an adult Pit Bull will do with other dogs, cats, children, car rides, and other certain situations. Bringing a puppy up in the most loving and social environment can only alter its predetermined genetic urges so much. In other words, having a dog since puppyhood does not necessarily mean it will have all of the qualities desired in a pet. It may end up having some traits that are undesirable. An adult Pit Bull, however, will have more of an established personality, and an adopter can know what to expect with the dog.

And, that is from pitbulllovers.com. I recommend checking it out some time.

Anyway, I've been working on this article for my local newspaper. It's going to be pawsitive pit bull press. I'm hoping I can get it published. Even if I don't, as soon as it is done, I will be posting it here. (of course, I'll have to use my humans pin name as Lilo The Pibble might not get the job done!) You can go to Dogster.com and check out the American pit bull terrier forums for details on that. Also, feel free to make suggestions on what I can add in it.

Also, while writing the article, another similar article came to me. I'm aware of some typos, so don't point them out. I simply wanted to share it. Enjoy.

Pit Bull Ownership There are many things that come with owning a pit bull. As there are many things that come with owning almost any breed; but, most pit bull owners will agree that owning a pit bull is an even greater challenge. A pit bull requires a special kind of owner. He requires someone that's understanding, loyal, strong, bullheaded; even. He requires someone that will be willing to fight for him if the need comes. Someone that will be willing to fight for him even if there isn't a need. Someone willing to fight for his siblings, his parents, his kind. He requires someone willing to fight for him the way his ancestors fought for humans; and sometimes still do; all those years ago. It's easy to fall in love with a dog just by holding him in your arms, seeing his tail twitch, staring into those amazing eyes that hold so much trust and loyalty even when they've been through the worst of situations. It's even easier to fall in love with a dog when he gives you that bully grin, wags his butt and bows in submision. But, before taking that leap into "Pit Bull Ownership" there are a few things that need to be considered. See, owning a pit bull isn't an easy task. This is because, with pit bull ownership comes great responsibility. When you take that pit bull home, these are only some of the things you agree to. xYou agree to a life of discrimination. Forget if you're white, black, asian or mexican. No one is going to see your color any longer. They're going to see your dogs breed. When you walk down the street with your wiggle butt- all they'll see is a big set of shiny teeth. They'll probably envision those teeth snarling and lunging at their throat. Friends and family may "turn" on you (ironic since they accuse pit bulls of doing that very thing) and no longer want to speak to you. They'll be afraid to visit because of your "big bad pit bull". (who may only grow up to be 35 lbs. Yeah, that's big) They won't want to schedule playdates with your dogs anymore because now theres a pit bull in the family and of course the pit bull "will eat them". While trying to walk your dog, parents will pull kids away. Dog walkers will cross the street. Homeowners will glare at you as if thinking "How dare you walk that weapon in front of my yard." And, forget about the dog park, chances are; your pit bull won't be welcome there. So, through all this discrimination, where do pit bull owners find time to socialize? Exactly. xYou agree to the chance that in an instant, you may lose all legal rights to your pit bull. With BSL increasing at an alarming rate, we pit bull owners are in danger. What if you've owned your pit bull for ten years and suddenly your city passes a law prohibiting pit bulls? You're safe, right? Wrong. Let someone report that a "big bad pit bull" lives in their neighborhood. Let them report it more than once. There goes your pit bull. And, let your dog offleash in your own yard when a cat is there. A neighbors cat. Let the neighbor see. There goes your pit bull. Some places charge a fine. What if you don't have the money? There goes your pit bull. It's risky. It's dangerous. And, a great deal of pit bull owners have lost their pit bulls because of Breed Specific Legislation. We all own pit bulls with the knowledge that one day; it could be our pit bull. Do we toughen ourselves up to the possibility of that situation? Maybe as we never let it show that we fear it in public. But, we do admit it. And, I cannot tell a lie, it's terrifying. xYou agree to responsibility. To the EXTREME. So, your pit bull loves dogs? Okay, a trip or two to the dog park won't hurt, right? Wrong. Not every dog is as friendly as your pit bull. And, of course, if a golden retriever attacks your pit bull and he fights back, whos going to take the blame? Certainly not the golden retriever. And, just like that, your pit bull will be on trial. Owning a pit bull is dangerous. Not because the dog poses a danger to the community but because the community poses a danger to the dog. A pit bulls life isn't always an easy one. In some places, responsibility is taken to the extreme; muzzles, short leads, small kennels, no dog interaction. In some places, it isn't so extreme but still limited; short leads, inside most of the time or tethered, slim dog interaction, rarely any trips to the dog park. When a pit bull owner chooses his pit bull, he agrees to be responsible so that he doesn't ruin it for the entire communtiy. One mistake, and there goes another pit bull headline that will cause chaos and with it, bring BSL. Of course, some (irresponsible) pit bull owners don't make this agreement; these are the enemy. xYou agree to putting up with the anger that comes with seeing your breed belittled all over the internet, all over every news channel, all over the paper, all over rap and rock music videos. You agree to putting up with the anger and frustration you feel when you google pit bull images hoping to find a cute picture of Pete the Pup and instead find a picture of a snarling, menace to society who probably isn't a pit bull in the first place. You agree to putting up with the anger we feel when we hear about people like Micheal Vick. But, you also agree to being able to keep your cool and gently explaining to people that these images just are not what a pit bull is. That pit bulls were bred to love humans and to serve them. That pit bulls DO love humans and are one of the most loyal breeds. After all, the last thing we need is for the media to report: "PIT BULL OWNER MAULS MAN" with a picture of a snarling human in the background. xYou agree to admit that once pit bulls WERE bred to fight. That once upon a time (and sometimes, still) pit bulls fought each other. You agree to admit that you know what pit bulls are capable of doing (though, contrary to popular believe, other breeds have STRONGER jaw and bite pressure) to your dogs, your cats, you. But, you also know that even though your pit bull knows what he can do, he'd never do it because he's a dog. And, dogs are loyal to us. Unless the dog is sick, on a poor diet, trained the wrong way, bred the wrong way or has rabies, chances of him "turning" are slim to none. xYou agree to study and educate. As pit bull owners, we must let as many people as possible know that pit bulls aren't all bad dogs. And, in fact, are one of the top family breeds and WAS at the top back in the 30's. You agree to educate people about their history, their temperment, their personality. You agree to educate and be an ambassodor for the breed. Because, when it comes to pit bull ownership; even if we don't agree; even if one person believes in chains and the other doesn't; even if one person feeds raw and the other kibble... we're ALL in the same fight. xYou agree to hardwork and training. Believe me, the last thing we responsible pit bull owners want to see is a loose pit bull wrecking havoc on the town. Honestly, owners who let their pit bulls behave in such ways ruin it for the rest of us. Pit bulls should be properly trained. This shows people that they ARE possible to train. Some argue we don't have anything to show people. I argue we do. If someone sees you walking your pit bull in a heel position, stopping; your pit bull sits, then your pit bull looks both ways, when sees there's no cars, he crosses; hugging your leg, then goes on command... they are bound to spread the news of the "well behaved pit bull". Trust me. xYou agree to put up with ignorant questions and comments. Trust me on this one, you will get questions such as: "Do you want to breed him?" "Can I breed my dog with him so I can have a rare blue nose?" "What color brindle is that? Bet him and my dog will make gorgeous pups. How about it?" "Do you wanna fight him? I have a pit bull that I'm looking to fight." "How much?" "Can I buy him? How much do you want?" I've gotten them enough times to know. You have to learn to put up with them and say witty replies like: "Sorry, he's fixed." Or "I'm against fighting and if you ask again, I'll record it and call the cops. It's illegal, y'know?" Or "He's not for sale, however, I have a sister that I can give you." And, whatever you do, wait to laugh or curse until you turn a corner. xYou agree to a life of dedication. Being involved with this breed basically requires dedication. Some people involved with pit bulls get involved with rescue without even planning it. That's a high form of dedication. A small form is fighting for your pit bull and your rights as a pit bull owner. Dedication. We, as pit bull owners, need to have it. xYou agree to show this dog A LOT of love. Being that they can hardly get it anywhere else, it's up to you to show your dog love and keep him happy. But, then again, this aggreement is made for any dog. These are the reasons a pit bull is NOT for everyone. Not everyone can make such agreements. Not everyone is up for the challenge. Not everyone is willing to face the fact that at any given moment their dog could be gone. Just like that. Just because of a scare that goes beyond explanation. Not everyone can look into their dogs eyes and wipe a tear from their eye because they know that their town COULD be next. So, overall, a pit bull is NOT for everyone. But, of course, there are upsides to pit bulls. These are only some of the reasons pit bulls make fine pets. xPit bulls have that amazing grin. I've never seen any dog that could pull off such a smile. The bulldog comes close. The American bulldog is a close tie. My dachshund mix, Sandy, almost has it down. But, there's something about the pit bulls grin that no other dog can imitate. It brings a certain kind of warmth to your heart when you see it. It makes your heart flitter and dance. It lets you know that there are some things in life worth fighting for. xThe amazing loyalty a pit bull can provide not only to you, but to your family, too. There's a reason pit bulls were once the number one chosen family dog. They love their people. They will do ANYTHING for their people. I think their history has proven that enough. Pit bulls also seem to love children. I've noticed that, around children, they become pussycats. I have NEVER met a dog more loyal to humans than the pit bulls that I live with. xThe fact that sometimes you come home just KNOWING that you changed someones mind. I've done this a great many times. Just by meeting my pit bull, some people comment on how they thought pit bulls were all bad. When they admit how wrong they were, I come home with a feeling of satisfaction knowing my dog and I changed a mind; knowing that my dog is so well trained and well behaved and so friendly that she has the power of making someone believe otherwise. xPit bulls WILL get you up and walking. They require a lot of exercise and, honestly, my pit bull got me up and RUNNING. I jog with her at least three times a day. And, it's amazing watching her run. Because of her, I've stayed in shape. xPit bulls are clown dogs. They have a sense of humor and they're not afraid to show it. They can always bring a smile to your face. They have the strangest quirks. The cutest personality. My pit bull will spin; literally SPIN; in circles when she's happy. She'll dance when she wants attention. She'll play like no other dog can play. Pit bulls are humorous. And, that's wonderful. xBelieve it or not, pit bulls teach a lot about life. Owning a pit bull teaches you how to be strong even when it feels like the world is caving in. But, it also teaches you how to accept the hardest parts of life with the good. It teaches you how to fight for what you love, how to stand up for what you believe in, how to look at the world and say "You're full of *** and I don't give a heck what you say." Pit bulls teach us just as much as we teach them. xPit bulls have the best kisses. I've never known a dog with better kisses. In just a flash, your pit bull will have his paws on your chest as his tongue strokes your cheek. I haven't known any pit bull owner to care to train their dog not to do this; because, pit bulls have wonderful kisses. And, they always make you smile. xPit bulls are nothing but BIG babies. And, it's adorable. Leave one alone for too long and he WILL cry. Sometimes, I find, they'll even howl. Sure, some of them don't do this, but, a lot of them are big babies. They always want to be with you and for someone looking for a companion, they would make a great choice if they choose a pit bull. xPit bulls aren't too small nor too big. Coming in a WIDE variety of sizes (what is it? 35-60 lbs?) pit bulls range in the small to large sizes. I've seen 30 pound pit bulls. So, this gives you a lot to choose from. Believe me, it does. These are some of the reasons the pit bull is for ME. And, many other pit bull owners. Pit bull ownership can be complicated, I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because my neighboring town banned the dogs I fight so hard for. Sometimes I pick my pit bull up, just to hold her close so that if she has to go tommorow, I'll have that last scent on my shirt. So I can imprint the feel of her being held in my arms. And, just remember guys, my pit bulls AREN'T registered. But, with pit bull ownership also comes great joy. There is nothing that can amount to the happiness you feel when your pit bull walks past a dog or a child or a couple and doesn't even acknowledge them. There is nothing that can compare to the smile that spreads your face when your pit bull comes up to you in the morning with a grin upon his face. There is nothing better than knowing you fought for your pit bull and he taught you along the way. Pit bull ownership is like yin and yang. There is a dark side and a light side and you have to be willing to accept both before you are won over by the way that pit bull wags his tail. But, if you are won over and those big, brown eyes get the better of you; just make a promise to me and all pit bull advocates everywhere. Promise us that you'll love the dog for his entire lifespan. Promise us that you won't do him wrong and take him for all the wrong reasons. Promise us that he won't be the next victim of the media. Promise us that you'll raise him with responsibility, care and love. Promise us that he'll be a true ambassodor for the breed.

That about covers it for updates! Thanks for reading!!

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Myth of the week

Myth: Pit bulls are prone to "turning" on their owners

Fact: In fact, no breed of dog does. Dog aggression is nearly always preceded by some kind of warning, and there is always a reason behind the attack. However, many inexperienced owners do not recognize the dog's behavior as aggression, or refuse to acknowledge it as a warning sign. The only exception I can think of is Springer Rage, a rare and controversial neurological condition that manifests itself as a spontaneous attack, followed by confusion, and then a return to normal behavior. Pit Bulls are NOT prone to this condition. There are individual dogs of any breed that may be more aggressive to others.



Hmm... this was a reply I gave to someone on Dogster to answer the question "Why should our dogs be treated any differently just because they're pit bulls?" And, I liked the answer so thought I'd post it here.

It's not that we SHOULD treat them differently- it's that we should understand that one mistake can ruin it for every pit bull in our county.
I'll use an example:
Say, you have an American pit bull terrier. He's a very loving dog. He loves people, he gets along well with his dog brothers and sisters and he's even gentle with cats. So, you decide it's time for him to meet even more dogs and take him to the dog park. For months, even years, you take the dog to the park. Lets call him Ringo. He does great around the other dogs. He knows all the dogs and he plays with them and is usually the one submitting during play. Everyone grows to love Ringo and because of Ringo a few people even get pit bulls of their own. Well, one day someone new comes into the park with a golden retriever. The golden retriever is very dog aggressive and the owner doesn't seem to care. The retriever approaches Ringo and growls. Ringo, being the friendly dog he is, submits and asks for play. The golden, however, doesn't want play. That's when it happens! Just like that the golden retriever bites Ringo; and, naturally, Ringo bites back. A dog fight begins. Both dogs end up torn up- both need medical attention. The owner of the retriever runs over screaming about how evil your dog is and how the big bad pit bull should be at home not around other dogs. He then proceeds to press charges against you; and wins because you have a "big bad pit bull". Of course, the headlines aren't gonna read "Golden Retriever Mauls Pit Bull" because that doesn't sell. No. They're gonna read "Pit Bull Mauls Golden Retriever". And, just like that, the town officials will be aware of the number of "big bad pit bulls" and just might propose BSL. And, all of this could happen just from taking a nice, friendly pit bull to the dog park. See, we shouldn't treat them different to the extent that they feel isolated. Even lonely. No, we shouldn't keep them locked inside all day where nothing can happen. But, we should also be responsible and remember that one mistake on our part can ruin it for EVERY pit bull in one county.

With all the pit bull hysteria, exposing our pit bulls to things like that just wouldn't be safe. I say, instead of the dog park; set up a playdate. Instead of throwing a dog party; walk your dog with a friend who has a dog. And of course NEVER let your pit bull walk offleash. A lot of people will shoot a pit bull on site just for being a pit bull. Sure, you can take your pit bull to the park- that's a decision only you should make. But, you always do with the possibility that your dog could get in a fight and just like that it could cause pit bull hysteria within your own community.


Myth of the Week

Myth: American pit bull terriers are only recognized by dog fighting organizations. No responsible registry would register such a dog.

Fact: American pit bull terriers can be registered almost world wide. The ADBA recognizes them as does the UKC. That's just to name the most common ones. American pit bull terriers can participate in events through such registries, too. These events include weight pulling, conformation and obedience trials! Did you know that the AKC recognizes the pit bull? Yes. The beautiful American staffordshire terrier is arguably the same as the American pit bull terrier; with only standards seperating the two. See, the AKC didn't want "pit" in the name because they didn't wanna be associated with dog fighting. And, they couldn't put "bull terrier" in the name because, back then, the bull terrier registry was strict. So, they gave the dog the name American staffordshire terrier when it was first registered in the early 1900's. But, back in the late 1800's, the breed was known as the "pit bull terrier" and, at one point, the "American pit bull terrier".


A Type of Pit Bull

So, Daddy was on Google today trying to find American bulldog forums so he could brag about my brofur when he came across something that boiled his blood.

This was posted on another forum:

""A Virginia Beach girl and her pet are attacked by a bulldog. Her dog is killed and the animal responsible is locked up. 13-year-old Marshawn Cuffee was out Thursday night walking her dog, Giga, when an American Bulldog, a type of pit bull, charged and bit the dog and the girl."

He cannot stress enough that American bulldogs are NOT pit bulls. Not even close. It's like the dog on Homeward Bound. Chance; you remember him, right? Everyone and their brother thought he was a pit bull. Everyone uses him as their reason to like pit bulls. Which is great that he helped the pit bull fight; but, he is not a pit bull. Google it. He was NOT a pit bull.

I get sick of hearing people confuse the breeds. Once, I was walking down the road with my sister when we walked past the yard of an American bulldog. Now, this dog is about 110 lbs! Huge dog. Tall, to. He charged at my sister because she walked through his yard- he's a "guard dog"- and she said "You can never be too sure about pit bulls..." I stoped her right there. And said, "Not trying to make you feel stupid... but, he's not a pit bull. He's an American bulldog. Probably pure bred."

So, what is an American bulldog? Let's have a looksee:

Taken from dogresources.com

The American Bulldog is an athletic, temperamentally sound and medium to large sized dog that possesses great strength, agility and confidence. The expression should reflect intelligence and alertness. The sturdy and powerful yet compact frame is characteristically stockier and heavier boned in the males and more refined in the females. Some aloofness with strangers and assertiveness towards other dogs is accepted. However, an American Bulldog should not be excessively timid, shy or aggressive towards man and preferably not overly aggressive with other dogs. Due to its distinctive physical and mental characteristics along with its natural desire to be the total companion and working dog, an American Bulldog should never be confused with uniquely different breeds such as the American Staffordshire Terrier or the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Size-General: Males should range from 22 to 28 inches at the withers and weigh between 70 and 120 pounds. Females should range from 20 to 26 inches at the withers and weigh between 60 and 100 pounds. Weight should be proportional to height and body type. A dog should be well conditioned and not overweight or underweight. Standard: A leaner and more athletic dog in appearance. Classic: A larger and more powerful dog in appearance.

So, how is it really different from a pit bull? Have a look-see at the American pit bull terrier and you'll see:

From arba.com

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a medium-sized, solidly built, short-coated dog with smooth, well-defined musculature. This breed is both powerful and athletic. The body is just slightly longer than tall, but bitches may be somewhat longer in body than dogs. The length of the front leg (measured from point of elbow to the ground) is approximately equal to one-half of the dog's height at the withers. The head is of medium length, with a broad, flat skull, and a wide, deep muzzle. Ears are small to medium in size, high set, and may be natural or cropped. The relatively short tail is set low, thick at the base and tapers to a point. The American Pit Bull Terrier comes in all colors and color patterns. This breed combines strength and athleticism with grace and agility and should never appear bulky or muscle-bound or fine-boned and rangy.

The essential characteristics of the American Pit Bull Terrier are strength, confidence, and zest for life. This breed is eager to please and brimming over with enthusiasm. APBTs make excellent family companions and have always been noted for their love of children. Because most APBTs exhibit some level of dog aggression and because of its powerful physique, the APBT requires an owner who will carefully socialize and obedience train the dog. The breed's natural agility makes it one of the most capable canine climbers so good fencing is a must for this breed. The APBT is not the best choice for a guard dog since they are extremely friendly, even with strangers. Aggressive behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic of the breed and highly undesirable. This breed does very well in performance events because of its high level of intelligence and its willingness to work.
The American Pit Bull Terrier has always been capable of doing a wide variety of jobs so exaggerations or faults should be penalized in proportion to how much they interfere with the dog's versatility.

The American Pit Bull Terrier must be both powerful and agile so actual weight and height are less important than the correct proportion of weight to height. Desirable weight for a mature male in good condition is between 35 and 60 pounds. Desirable weight for a mature female in good condition is between 30 and 50 pounds. Dogs over these weights are not to be penalized unless they are disproportionately massive or rangy.

There you have it.

American bulldogs are bigger. Were bred for different purposes. Have a bit of a different temperment. Shall I go on?

They are not the same breed.

Pete the pup was an American pit bull terrier. Chance was not.


Pit bull Myth of the Week

Myth: Pit bulls are only owned by criminals and people who use them for dog fighting.

Fact: You'd be suprised at how many people keep pit bulls as pets. I've met a number of families who's choice of a family dog was the American pit bull terrier. This is because pit bulls love their families. They also make good watchdogs. And, they adore children. Most pit bulls are owned by citizens who keep them as pets. Yes, criminals do own pit bulls. Yes, people do fight pit bulls. But, if people think they're the only dogs kept for illegal purposes; they need to open their eyes. Rottweilers, dobermans, akitas and other such breeds are also kept by the scum we know as dog fighters. Or kept as "guard dogs" by criminals.


An Insight on Pit Bulls as written by Falon

Myth: Pit Bulls weren't bred for anything "useful" because they were used only for dog fighting. Fact: Pit Bulls were originally bred to fight bulls, hence the name. "Sometime during the nineteenth century, dog fanciers in England, Ireland, and Scotland began to experiment with crosses between Bulldogs and Terriers, looking for a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the Bulldog. Immigrants brought these bull and terrier crosses to the United States. The Pit Bull Terrier's many talents did not go unnoticed by farmers and ranchers who used their APBTs for protection, as catch dogs for semi-wild cattle and hogs, to hunt, to drive livestock, and as family companions." (from UKC) Basically it is necessary to understand that they are a WORKING breed. For a dog to be dumb enough (no offense) to risk its life fighting for its owner, the breed naturally defaulted a sense of "owner loyalty" and genuine love for humans. EVERYBODY wanted one of these dogs because they could have a dog that protected the farm and farm animals, and still have a family dog that was great with their children (high pain tolerance=more children tolerant). Aside from that was the bull fighting. When the organization of fights with bulls became difficult to arrange, they started fighting dogs with other dogs simply because it was easier. It eventually became illegal with the emergence of animal rights, but small dog fighting "communities" still remained and it wasn't very tightly controlled. A long while later, gangs began to emerge. Obviously the violent nature of gangs and their interest in illegal activities led to their interest in fighting Pit Bulls [insert beginning of intense prey-drive/dog aggressive genetics here]

Myth: -Pit Bulls are unpredictable around humans and other dogs.
Fact: The funny thing is, they are very predictable (probably more-so than very intelligent breeds). Listed below are reasons why. -Dog aggression is not to be confused with Human aggression. By nature, Pit Bulls are VERY "people-soft" and will do ANYTHING to make their owner happy. It is a fact that Pit Bulls have a natural tendency to be Dog aggressive. When people fail to realize this, that's when it gets out of hand. -From personal and second-hand research and experiences, I found that behavior "evolves" like this for a the average APBT: -Age 0-6 months: Just like any other puppy, sociable in the presence of other dogs. -Age 6m-1year: Dog begins to get very excited around other dogs and while very friendly, acts in a spastic, erratic way and takes a steam engine (or prong collar) to get them "out" of this state. Is not aggressive at all. -Age 1yr and on: Dog is bigger and looks very intimidating when it "freaks out" in front of other dogs (even though friendly). Other dogs are intimidated and act out in aggression towards the Pit Bull. This is when it is likely to happen. After many encounters like this, the dog begins going into defensive mode. This "stage" can be avoided if proper obedience training is done at the 6m-1yr phase. -The above constitutes for the Pit Bull's natural high prey drive. This means that anything small and fuzzy (or other dogs) excite them and they don't know why. -Pit Bulls that are given exercise to satisfy these drives, have no natural "urge" to satisfy it in any other way. -For example: 1.) Playing tug exercises the "urge" to use their jaw muscles (they don't have all those cheek muscles for nothing!) 2.) Using a "flirt pole" or "spring pole" allows them to "chase" something and grab onto it, so it satisfies their prey drive. 3.) Going for long walks, swimming, running, doing agility or weight pulling satisfies their high energy needs. -Pit Bulls that are given NO outlet for these drives, have an urge to satisfy them. Just like a Rat Terrier has a natural urge to go looking for rodents will dig compulsively if given no energy outlet. -Situation example: A Pit Bull lives with a family that includes small children. This family is so busy with other things (aka life) that the dog just pretty much stays around the house, doesn't get played with, and only gets let out to go to the bathroom. One day, the kids are at home, playing with this Pit Bull and getting it excited; the parents aren't really paying much attention. This collection of excitement causes the Pit Bull to respond by doing what any dog naturally wants to do, play back! Since dogs don't have hands (yes, I got that memo), their way of playing is with their mouth. The Pit Bull grabs onto one of the children, just like it would another dog if it were play-fighting. Keep in mind the dog was never formally taught how to react with another dog or a child (or the difference). The adults scream and the dog releases, who has no idea what is going on or what it did wrong. A day or so later, you hear on the news "Family Pit Bull mauls son; had dog for [x] years." One of the parents says "I have no idea what happened, he's never been mean before." That turns into the dog being euthanized with the owners reasoning of "he/she just can't be trusted." Now, given that I have explained the "details" behind what happened, would you look at it any differently if you didn't know anything about the situation? Do you think this would have happened if the owners understood the breed and its needs to be socialized and trained it accordingly? Would you call this dog "unpredictable?"

Myth: Pit Bull's have locking jaws, so they can't let go even if they wanted to.
Fact: There is nothing on a Pit Bull's (or any other dog) skeletal or muscular anatomy that can allow this to happen...it's that simple! -The reason why this has become a common myth is because Pit Bulls are bred for endurance and naturally have a very high pain threshold. This natural and incredible endurance is what gives the breed it's tenacity! By that, I mean that if a Pit Bull wants something, it has enough muscle behind it's jaws that it doesn't have to let go if it doesn't want to.

Myth: You can't keep a Pit Bull with other dogs or other Pit Bulls.
Fact: We have established that Pit Bulls have a natural tendency to be dog aggressive if never taught differently. This doesn't meant that they cannot live happily and harmoniously with other dogs. -Decreasing the likely-hood of competitive situations is key to multi-Pit Bull or multi-dog with Pit Bull families. -Examples: 1.) Spay or Neuter your dogs. Absence of hormones= reduction of natural urges. This has been proven through studies done with performance-testing comparing herding breeds that were spayed/neutered vs intact. Showed that the dogs that were intact had significantly better natural "urges" or drives. 2.) Avoid keeping dogs of the same sex, intact or not. If you keep Pit Bulls of the same sex, you are more likely to have a constant competition for a certain status in the "pack." Females have different status than males in packs of dogs, so males aren't going to compete for female's "spots," and vise versa. This isn't to say that Pit Bulls of the same sex cannot be kept together successfully, it just takes much more management and attention. 3.) Treat both dogs equally. Do not give preference towards one dog or the other. If you do so, then the other dog is going to compete for your attention. That means if one has a rawhide, the other gets a rawhide. If one gets a stuffed ball, the other one gets one too. Even if they act like most dogs and think the "grass is greener on the other side," the fact that you have two of the same toy available is going to reduce the chances of a squabble. 4.) Supervise rough play. Never leave them unattended. If play gets too rough or they do something you don't want, let them know! That brings me to the last piece of advice. 5.) TRAIN YOUR PIT BULL! Reprimand unwanted behaviors (positive reinforcement when possible), and reward them when they do something you want. Do this, and I guarantee they will do anything in their power to please you!

From all of this, I hope I have shed some light on the behavior of APBTs. I hope that you can see why disasters can happen when in the wrong hands, and why this breed is NOT for everyone! I don't expect to make you "like" Pit Bulls if you don't care for them, I just hope that I can convince you that they aren't demon monsters who act-out viciously and un-provoked. I do realize that after reading this, some skeptics will say "well if they take so much effort to keep, they need to be regulated." Your exactly right! However, there is a difference between regulation and extermination. If you are going to argue that Pit Bulls are "weapons" in the wrong hands, then they should be TREATED like weapons. Make people register their Pit Bulls like people register their guns. People with certain criminal records aren't supposed to be able to purchase guns (but that's a whole other story), therefore people with certain criminal records shouldn't own Pit Bulls. While I still think that nobody should be told what kind of dog they can or can't have (remember that thing called the Constitution?), if regulating them in some way is inevitable then so be it. For those who still think that banning the breed will help, do you really think that it is going to reduce dog fighting and/or dog bites? NO! Certain recreational drugs are illegal but it is still a HUGE problem. This has already been proven when Amsterdam recently lifted their Pit Bull ban because it showed NO decrease in dog bites.

This was written by a certain Falon on Dogster.
This is the original post: http://www.dogster.com/forums/Dog_Laws_and_Legislation/thread/546725
This is his Dogster page:

Finally; pictures!!


Pit bull Myth of the Week

Myth: Pit bulls are really big, really muscular dogs- and mastiffs.
Fact: This is actually one that makes me laugh. Because, the American pit bull terrier; by breed standard; should only be 25-50 lbs. The Staffordshire bull terrier; by breed standard; should only be 24-37 lbs. The American staffordshire terrier; by breed standard; should only be 40-44 lbs! That's not that heavy at all. And, while some stupid sites will tell you they are mastiffs; they are quite the opposite. An American pit bull terrier is a terrier; as his name suggests. And, his two brothers are terries as well. And, they have a terrier personality; not a mastiff one. As far as muscular goes, I would hardly call a standard American pibble muscular. They're actually pretty scrawny.


Pit Bul Owners: As Aggressive As the Media Thinks Their Dogs Are?

There's a new trend going around in the land of pit bull advocates. I see it every day. It's sad, really- because, if this trend wasn't going around, I think I could make great friends with a lot of these pit bull advocates. But, sadly, I can't. Because, they are picking on my dogs. Not my pit bulls, now. They're directing their hate at another breed. A breed smaller than the pit bull... dachshunds. Chihuahuas. Papillons. That's right. They are literally mauling small breed dogs. And, what I can't fathom is why.

We have the same people here that tell us a dog is a dog is a dog. Train him right. Raise him right. Socialize him. You'll have a friend for life. Telling us dachshunds are more vicious than pit bulls. A dachshund is more likely to turn on you than a pit bull. Dachshunds are mean dogs. Chihuahuas are "yap yap breeds" that bite ankles for fun. Pomeranians are fucking vicious brats. Spell it with me, folks:

They are swearing by socialization. They are swearing by the fact that any dog has the capability of being friendly. They are swearing by the fact that every dog is a dog. Yet, they are doing exactly what the media has been doing to their dogs for years. They are making small dogs another target. And, just because chihuahuas or dachshunds or affenpinschers aren't on BSL list now doesn't mean they won't be. Hello, pugs have already made it! What makes anyone think chihuahuas or doxies will be spared? Frankly, I'm getting sick of hearing "pit bull advocates" talk down on my breed.

You wanna know a secret? Of all the dog forums I'm on; smalldogforum, pitbullforum, chihuahua-people, centralpetz and dogster; the only one I have ever heard call another breed of dog "vicious" on over and over and over again is the pit bull one. I have left that forum at least three times because of it. People have called yorkies evil dogs. They've referred to chihuahuas as yap yap breeds. They've told me my dachshund would one day bite me. It's pathetic.

What baffles me is; why are they doing this?

And, can we really blame them?

In this day in age,we; as pit bull owners; are living in fear of losing our beloved pets. I know this; I am owned by two wonderful American pit bull terriers. Every day I roll out of bed I'm fucking terrified that I'll turn on the TV and hear about BSL hitting me. I'm paranoid to leave my dogs unattended. I'm worried that one day; at the old ages of 6 and 10; my dogs will be taken away because they have no papers, they have no records- they're just mutt dogs that happen to resemble pit bulls- and get euthanized because one neighbor complained. One neighbor feared for her childs life. One neighbor worried about her yap yap breed. And, I imagine- that's where the hate rises. Pit bull owners think small dog owners walk around with pride and dignity- not a care in the world. That just isn't true. Small dogs have been banned, too. Small dogs can get banned, too. And, having two small dogs, I know the hate and fear people fear towards them. It's often that I hear "Don't go near that dog! She'll bite your ankle!" It's often that I hear "Look at that little ankle biter! She looks like a rat!" It's often. And, rather you pit bull advocates like to believe it or not- it hurts. A lot of dog lovers say that their dog is like their child. They will defend him no matter what. What do you do when you have two pit bulls, a chihuahua and a dachshund and all anyone can ever show any of them is hate? That's not just one; but four dogs you have to defend. Four dogs that are spat on because they're not golden retrievers. Four dogs that feel racism and prejudice just as much as your American pit bull terrier.

Some pittie advocates need a stress reliever. I think that might be why they pin the "aggression" on small dogs. They're stressed. They think small dog owners have it easy. So, they accuse our dogs of being vicious. Evil. Biters. Not realizing they are going to; inevitably; put our dogs through the same suffering that their dogs are going through right now. It's getting there. I wouldn't doubt if; in 20 years, chihuahuas are "talk of the media". I can see the headlines "Chihuahua mauls infant". You laugh, but pittie advocates are bringing it to that.

I hate to say it, but I think some pit bull advocates can be as aggressive as the media wants their dogs to be; which isn't helping our cause. It's making us look bad. It's making our dogs look bad. Stop being just a pit bull advocate. Be a dog advocate. After all, pit bulls aren't their own species. If you're gonna worry about them; worry about their cousins. Worry about dogs all together. Worry about the miniature bull terrier. The pug. The french bulldog. The boston terrier. They're all "bully" breeds, too. Where's their love? Where's their protection?

Overall, I prefer the company of small dog owners. Pit bull owners are always pinning them as bad people; it just isn't true. Almost any small dog owner I've met loves all dogs big and small. They rescue all dogs. Not just chihuahuas. Pit bulls, too. They care about all dogs. Not just yorkshire terriers. Mastiffs, too. They will tell you that you have the cutest dog in the world if he's 150 lbs bigger than their shih tzu.

Pit bull advocates should take a lesson from them.

I have a lot of respect for the pittie advocates that will try and defend small breeds when they're under attack. Those people have won my heart. We need more of them. Because, as a small dog owner, I know that sometimes- it's hard to stick up for ourselves.

I don't wanna lose my pit bulls. I don't want the breed to become extinct.

But, frankly, I don't wanna lose my chihuahua or dachshund, either because one pit bull advocate told someone that they bite ankles.

It's coming to that.


Is it because I'm a pit bull?

On my walks I notice how all the kids back away.And the dog walkers walk on the other side of the street. No one ever wants to pet me.And, when told I'm a pit bull, people run away.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie. It is.
No one ever wants to walk through my yard. The water meter lady will pet my sister-but, she never touches me.She wants me put away. "Restrain her." she sais.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
When I'm waiting in the car for you, people park far from me.When I'm walking through PetSmart with you,people growl and say "How dare he. That's a pit bull."When people walk by with their chihuahuas, I see their eyes fill with fear.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
I hear people talking about how you shouldn't have me.I heard someone say I could kill a dog.I heard you yell and scream because she'd said that.I heard it all.All of it.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
I come from a rough past.People wanted to breed me over and over again.And they sold my unregistered, unvaccinated puppies for 300 bucks a piece.And, they kept me outside in chains.Expecting me to "guard" their unfenced yard.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
I hear you crying at night sometimes. Praying that you'll be able to keep me until I'm old and gray.Sometimes when you look at me, I notice a fear in your eyes.It's really aged you.At only 19, you seem so much older.So much more mature.That look you give me is the same one you give Chance.Is it because we're pit bulls, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
You fight to keep me.You fight to prove that pit bulls can make fine pets, too.You try to give me the best life you can.You train me, you love me, you hold me when I'm scared. You even sit with me when it rains.And, boy do I love our games of fetch.You've provided me the best home a dog could ask for.You've been with me through so much.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
No.It's because you're beautiful.


Myth of the week

Myth: Pit bulls make good guard dogs.
Fact: Pit bulls, in fact, make horrible guard dogs. They're too trusting of people and will walk away with anyone. Why do you think pit bulls are one of the number one stolen dogs in America? I can guess why; people think they make good guard dogs, so leave them outside to "guard" and- in the long run- they get stolen while "on duty". Pit bulls do however make good watchdogs. Which is different from a guard dog because a watchdogs job is to bark and let you know when someone is coming. They also make good police dogs and service dogs. They are, after all, loyal to humans; people pleasers, I'd say.


Me and my sissy

Is she mean? No.
Am I mean? No.
Are we trained? Yes.


My chihuahua sister

Neither one of us are bad dogs.
And, we're both out to change minds.

So, next time you see that chihuahua that isn't allowed to use his feet- remember, it's only because he's not socialized that he barks at you.

And, when you hear about that pit bull that attacked that child; remember, he came from a bad background raised by a bad human.

Dogs can love if raised to love.


I remember

I remember when you first took me home. You would walk around the neighborhood bragging about me.I was beautiful you'd say. I was the apple of your eye you'd say.You'd brag because I was a pit bull and I got along with your cat.I was a pit bull and I loved your son.You bragged because I was friendly and a pit bull.I loved that.From the porch, Daddy would admire me. Watching as you walked down the street with meBack then, I didn't even really know Daddy, though.He was just an ocassional aquantince. He was someone that came over sometimes and gave me a pat on the head or a milkbone from the treat jar. You were home back then.You were the only home I knew. But, when you decided it was time to move; there was no room for me anymore.I went from a well behaved pit bull to a well behaved problem. I just don't know what I did wrong.But, whatever it was, you left and you left me with the next person to become a memory in my head.I had been with you the first year of my life.And, I remember you.I remember joining your pack.You had no other dogs.I was your first dog.You only wanted me because I was beautiful.You only wanted me so you could breed me with your boyfriends American staffordshire; who, by the way, I clearly remember was NOT an American pit bull terrier and far from it. I remember having two litters that year.I remember Daddy watching you with anger as you shoved me out the door.I remember trying to run away; but, you found me and bought me back home. Punishing for me for having commited such an act. I remember crying at night for my first family.The entire neighborhood could hear my howls.I remember going for days without eating because you were with your boyfriend and you forgot to drop some Dog Chow in my dish.Then, suddenly, someone came in your house with a leash and she took me away.I thought I was being rescued.You, too, became a memory in my head.Please know, I remember you.I remember you taking me to your house and chaining me in the yard.I was housetrained and behaved; I knew to stay off the couches; I never understood why I was never allowed inside.I remember howling at night.Daddy was far away at his point; but, I remember him coming over sometimes and slipping me some good food. Quality kibble he'd call it.I remember you breeding me. Twice.So that by the time I was only three, I'd had four litters.You needed the money you said.But, on the fourth litter, I remember Daddy's sister stepping in.She got sick of you breeding me.She got sick of me being left outside all the time.She got sick of me being treated like an item instead of a dog.But, as she took me away, even now, I remember you.I remember you letting me inside even knowing I was pregnant.I remember you feeding me all the best foods you could.Sure, Iams isn't quality, but you thought it was. And, that's all that matters.Because, you tried.I remember you feeding me even before you fed yourself.I remember you letting me sleep at the foot of your bed.I remember finally having the puppies; and not wantin to take care of them.But, that was okay.You stepped in.You became a momma to me and my puppies. But, sadly, they all died.And, you were so sad.So sad.I tried to comfort you for days.But, it didn't work.Then, you moved in with your own mom.You were kicked out of your house- turns out it wasn't only the puppies making you depressed. A while later, you left. Leaving me behind.I waited for months for you.I'd sit at your room door and wait for you.I remember you.Then, you stepped in. Your kind hand gave me a pat on the head. You promised she'd be back; you'd make sure of it.You let me in as much as possible.And, you take me for my daily walks. When I bark at night, it's you I want.When I cry because I can't take the memories, it's your hands that comfort me.You brag about me with so much pride; sometimes I get scared you'll be just like the rest of them.Then a pat on the head and a run around the block; WITH A LEASH; assures me you won't.You've told me I changed your mind about pit bulls.You've told me I changed your mind about a lot of things.You and I; we're taking on the world.But, be careful how you treat me because, Daddy, I'll remember you.Humans, make a note of this.No matter what you do;no matter how you treat us;we never forget.So, to all you bad humans, please know-there are dogs sitting on the streets, in the shelters, in the pounds, being euthanized-and, they-remember you.


Pit Bull Myth of the Week- 2

Since I forgot to do it yesterday, I figured I'd do it today.

Myth: Treadmills are only used to get pit bulls ready to fight.

Fact: Many responsible owners utilize treadmills to help exercise their dogs. This is useful in places where weather prevents outdoor exercise, or in situations where off-leash exercise in not an option. The treadmill is used by people that show their Pit Bulls, and do sporting activities like weight pull and agility to help keep their dogs in shape. Because Pit Bulls are athletic animals, responsibly using a treadmill can help them be healthier and happier

Who's to Blame When Dogs Turn Deadly?

It's an age old debate.
Daddy says people have been debating this question for years- it simply wasn't always just the pit bull. In fact, at one point, it was the doberman. It was also the rottweiler. And, even the German shepherd dog got his share.
But, what I don't understand is- if the dog is always changing, but the people arent why do people still continualy blame us; the canines; even though, all evidences points to the beast on the other end of the leash?
I don't know about you, but, to me, it just doesn't seem fair that the dog takes the blame for something his owner made, raised, bred, trained him to do.
That's like blaming a gun for killing someone; when, in ALL reality facts state that it was obviously the person holding the gun that commited the crime.
You wouldn't blame a mistake on your childs pencil, now would you?
Say he had a dog that he was training to be vicous. The dog doesn't even have to be a pit bull. Maybe it's a chihuahua or a golden retriever or a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. Maybe he's hitting the dog. Maybe he's shoving sticks up his butt. (which, they do do when training a "fighting dog"- animal rights activists have taking to actually calling this rape which is very illegal. Maybe he's leaving the dog on a chain all day with no water, no food, no shelter. Now, when the dog has finally had enough and bites him- who is really to blame?
The boy; because he'd spent months; maybe years; torturing the dog?
Or the dog because he finally had enough and wanted to defend himself?
If you blame the dog; you're just stupid.
When you train a dog to be mean; no matter what his breed; the result will almost always be deadly.
When you abuse or neglect a dog; no matter what his breed; the result will almost always be deadly.
You'd think people would've learned that by now.
So, instead, for a brief moment- I'm going to take you inside a dog fighting pit. All you have to do is close your eyes.
Imagine you're an advocate for pit bulls and the ASPCA.
You recently got a call complaining about multiple barking late at night. The person said at least eight pit bulls were in her neighbors yard and there were more sounds coming from inside.
When enough people complained, you finally stepped in.
To the rescue, so to speak.
When you get there, to your horror; you do see eight dogs.
All of them pit bulls; but, not specifically American pit bull terriers; some of them are staffies, some of them American staffies, some of them not pit bull at all but just pit bull like dogs.
They're all in bad condition.
They have scars all over their bodies.
Some of them are naked where fur is supposed to be.
And, you can swear one of the males is missing an eye.
They carry heavy chains around their necks- with an even heavier chain tied to trees, and cars, and fences.
Theres only one dog house- and it's closest to the dog with the least amount of wounds.
You instantly know he's the strongest dog.
After all, he's being treated the best.
The dogs are skinny- sickly- malnourished, almost.
They need the help of a vet.
You can even hear some of them crying.
But, alas, it doesn't stop there.
Inside, it's worse.
It's not till you get to the basement that you learn exactly where the barks were coming from.
In the basement, there's a rape table.
A "breeding" device- where they force a stud onto a bitch even when she doesn't want it.
There's ropes hanging from the ceilings.
On one of them is a dead baby bunny- that the dogs probably didn't get a chance to eat because they failed to complete their training.
Theres cages upon cages- cages that don't even deserve the right to be called crates.
The dogs are packed in them.
Most of the dogs females.
Most of them with puppies.
Puppies that; until you showed up; were doomed for a life of the pits.
The cages are dirty.
There's nothing but newspaper to keep them warm.
Newspaper that reeks of urine.
Newspaper that has poop covering every inch of it.
It's almost like a puppy mill; but, sometimes, it can be worse. Because, puppy mill puppies have that possibility of finding a good home.
But, these pit bull puppies- they were doomed from the start.
On the floors you see bones.
Actual bones.
And, you can swear some of them belong to a cat.
In the back of the room is a big kennel- from there, is more barking.
But, not the barking you'd heard outside.
Approaching the kennel, you see different dogs. Chihuahuas, golden retrievers, yorkshire terriers, dachshunds- bait dogs. They're just as torn up as the pit bulls. Some of them are even half dead. And, a few of them look very much like dogs that had been reported missing just the month before.
In horror you realize where you are: in the house of a dogfighter.
So, should those dogs really be blamed for what they did? When the criminal is the one that trained them to be that way?
Next time you accuse the dog; remember to arrest the gun for the murder of that woman. Or put the knife in court for stabing that child. Also, don't forget to flunk that pencil for failing that math test.
After all, the human is never to blaim.

To learn more about dogfighting and how you can prevent it or spot it if it's in your neighborhood read here:


Pit Bull Myth of the Week- 1

From now on, I will be posting a pit bull myth of the week on Sunday of every week. In the myth, I will state the myth- and break down why it's fact or why it's BS.

The first one is:

MYTH: A Pit Bull that shows aggression towards an animal will go for people next.

This is false because, let's face it people, human aggression and people aggression are NOT the same thing. And, please, don't believe they are.

"Many working breeds have antipathy towards other animals - coonhounds go mad at the sight of a raccoon, foxhounds will not hesitate to tear a dog-like fox to shreds, greyhounds live to chase and maul rabbits and even dog-like coyotes. Even the ever-friendly beagle will slaughter a rabbit, given the chance. And yet the greyhound, coon and foxhound and beagle are among the friendliest of breeds towards humans. And it is the same with the pit bulldog. His work through the years has been control of other animals - never humans. A correct pit bull is more often than not submissive toward all humans, and adores children. A pit bull that snarls, lunges or growls at non-threatening humans is NOT typical of the breed." (Written by Diane Jessup)
Pit bulls that do show aggressive behavior towards humans are not typical of the breed and should be humanely euthanized. (from pitbulllovers.com)


Have you seen this dog??

His name is Regal.
He's not my dog but a dog of a friends friend on Dogster.

Taken directly from his Dogster page:

Regal is a neutered, 52 lb, blue merle male Australian Cattle Dog. He is not microchipped. Since he slipped his collar, he will not have any tags. He went missing on 5/30/08 from King Hill Road in the Town of Newark Valley, NY on the border with the Town of Maine. This is approximately 30 miles from where he lives. He slipped his color when he was frightened by fireworks. The zip code where he was lost is: 13811. His home is in Conklin, NY, zip code 13748. I have contacted every shelter within 100 miles of where he was lost and made sure to send pictures to each. I also took out an ad in the local newspaper. He is listed as missing on craigslist, bcvoice.com, petfinder.com, missingpet.net, k9amberalert, fidofinder.com, myspace.com, lostfoundpets.us. 1888pets911.org, and probably some other sites I forgot. We are in the Broome County region of New York State, bordering with Pennsylvania. Regal's mom has been putting up a ton of flyers, but I don't yet have a pdf copy of it. Once I do, I'll upload it to photobucket and will post the link here, in case other Southern Tier NY dogsters would be willing to help. Dogsters, thank you all for your support/help/advice/suggestions.


STOP! You're ruining my breed!!

No one knows exactly how it happened.
No one knows exactly when.
All we know is that somehow, some way, someone began to murder the American pit bull terrier look. And they got away with it red handed.

These days it's so common to see 80, 90, 100 pound pit bulls that the idea of a 25 pound one is just silly.
Yes, I said 25 pounds.
Did you know that, in the beginning the pit bull was actually bred to be small?
The smaller the dog, the more desirable.
After all, smaller tends to have an avantage.

If the original creater of the American pit bull terrier saw the way the look has been changed- he'd probably have a heart attack.

A 100 pound terrier just isn't natural.

Let's get started on some info shall we...

The original weight for the American pit bull terrier was 22-50 pounds.
The most common weight was about 35 pounds.

That's not much bigger than your golden retriever is it?
In some cases, they tend to be smaller than your Buddy.

From Dogster:
20 - 55 pounds (9.07 - 24.9 kg)
15 - 20 inches (38.1 - 50.8)

That's for the... dare I say it?... AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER.

Hmm... and you thought that dog down the street that was 100 pounds of muscle was APBT.

Got some news for ya buddy... he probably isn't.

We're not there yet, though.

It seems that in this day, people are claiming the size of the pit bull to be anywhere between 22-110 pounds. Doesn't that just sound funny? I mean... that's a wide gap there, y'know?
Well, to tell the truth, those ranging between 55-110 pounds probably aren't pure bred pit bulls. Actually, there's no probably to it.

They aren't purebred pit bulls.

Most of the American pit bulls that are that large have been crossed with other breeds such as the mastiff, the bullmastiff, the Neopolitan mastiff, the great dane and the rottweiler.

Usually done by backyard breeders that are trying to breed a bigger dog than the one they already have to increase their mojo.
Or done by thug dog fighters who think bigger dogs have more of an advantage- when, in reality, that's a crock of shit.

Because, after all, they were bred small for their advantages.


If you believe American pit bulls are HUGE, think about it for a second.
How many big, muscular terriers have you seen in your neighborhood?
Looking it up, the biggest terrier is the American staffordshire; also known as the pit bull; who can be up to 50 pounds.

But mastiffs are pretty large.

So, tell me, how did the American pit bull terrier go from this first beautiful dog to the second 90 pound, muscle head dog?
I'm proud to say I'm a small APBT mix. I only weigh in at about 30 pounds. That's only 25 pounds bigger than my chihuahua mix sister!!!


Dog Rescued From Vick Case Becomes Hero For Pitties Everywhere

"Leo — rescued from heavy chains that confined him as one of the pit bulls in former NFL quarterback Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring — is a lover, not a fighter. He now happily frolics in a clown collar as he makes the rounds at the Camino Infusion Center, where he brings comfort to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy."

Leo is my hero.
Leo was rescued from Micheal Vick. He was trained to be a fighter. He was trained to be mean to other dogs. Some might say that he was trained to be a killer.
Most people would hear "Pit bull. Rescued. Fighting." In the same paragraph and automatically assume the dog to be a menace to society- they'd assume he's dangerous- they'd suggest putting him to sleep as soon as possible so he can't wreck havoc around the neighborhood. The town. The city. THE WORLD!!
But, this just wasn't the case for Leo.
Leo is changing opinions about pit bulls everywhere.
Leo is proving to be a pretty good guy.
Once trained to fight, Leo is now being trained to help.
Once fighting in the pits, held back from life by a huge chain- poorly trained and probably just as poorly socialized- Leo is now serving as a service dog at the Camino Infusion Center- the place he goes to bring comfort to patients going through chemotherapy.
Despite his background, despite his looks, despite his breed- Leo is adored by the patients and he easily brings them joy.

“He is wonderful, and all the patients love Leo,” said Paula Reed, the facility’s oncology director. “They really love his eyes and gentleness.”

About six months ago, the shocking truth is, Leo should've died. Officers had raided Vick's Bad Newz Kennels in Smithfield, VA- and, during the raid they found dogs chained to buried car axels. Forensics discovered remains of dogs that had been shot with a .22-caliber pistol, electrocuted, drowned, hanged or slammed to the ground for lacking a desire to fight. Vick was suspended from the Atlanta Falcons and is serving 23 months for pleading guilty in the participation of the dog-fighting operation and helping to kill as many as eight dogs. Not enough, I'd say.

About 50 dogs were rescued.

One of the dogs was put down for being too aggressive. The others were dispersed to sanctuaries and training facilities across the country. One of them was Leo. He ended up in the care of Marthina McClay. After only five weeks of intense training, Leo is now a pussy cat.

It’s the age-old story of second chances. By living his, Leo helps tear down entrenched stereotypes that pit bulls are irredeemable killers.

“Leo is definitely an ambassador to the breed,” McClay said. “The staff at various facilities will say, ‘I will never see pit bulls the same again

Read more or watch the video at:


Pete the dog

Now, Petey was one amazing pit bull.

For those of you that don't know who Pete was, remember the dog on the Lil' Rascals? The TV series?? That's Pete. The dog with the circle around his eye. He was an American pit bull terrier; and an amazing one at that.

He's like- this big symbol for pit bull rescue sites and "Ban BSL sites". And, he should be, too. I mean, after all, he spent many hours of his day on set with a bunch of kids. Would a monster really be able to do that without having a thirst for blood?

Well, while on google- Daddy googled "pet pit bulls" and happened to come across a site practically dedicated to Pete's memory. There's all kind of pictures and articles about the dog. Did you know the first Pete was poisoned by an unknown assailant?? That's horrible! Daddy would die if someone poisoned me!! Good thing I'm not into the whole life of glam and glitter. This site even has his Pedigree!! (for those of you that don't know, that's like a family tree but for a dog.) Now, that's some awesome stuff.


The Other dog.

Seriously, it has.
Daddy came home today smelling like another dog!
I couldn't help but wonder what that strange smell was. Was he cheating on me? Did he have a second family with second dogs?
I was curious and even a little frustrated.
But, he let me know exactly what went down. He explained it to me gently, and I listened. "Lilo, I met the most beautiful American pit bull terrier today. Well, the most beautiful male- you're the most beautiful female. He was bigger than you- but he was the same shade of brindle. And, he had the most handsome pit bull grin. This one guy was afraid of the dog- but, once I approached him and (with permission) pet the boys head, I realized this guy just had bad judgement. The dog licked my hand while his tail wagged at the speed of light! Lilo, his tail was wagging almost as fast as yours! I accompied him and his daddy on their walk- and it was so much fun. You're gonna have to meet him one day, Lilo. He was such a sweetheart. And, beautiful, too."
I almost didn't forgive him- then, he brought over someone for me to meet!


Pit Bull Grins

In reference to my other post, here are some handsome pit bull grins I found courtesy of Google.

Some of these dogs are adoptable- as a matter of fact. The handsome black and white one can be found at http://saveashelterpet.blogspot.com/

And, the handsome white one can be found here: http://animalrescuemobile.org/page.cfm?pageID=57

And the adorable white one with the two brownish spots on his head can be found here: http://www.animalfriendsrescue.org/available/dogsavailable.html

The Amazing Pit Bull Grin

What do I think is the best thing about a pit bull?
His grin- pit bulls have a certain grin that only dogs of their breed can produce.
Why would you wanna put an end to that?


Taking Strides

It seems that while it seems some cities and states are falling into this "BSL" bologna, other places are taking small strides ahead and forgetting about the past.
My daddy found some good news while browsing Dogster today, and he was excited to let me know all about it.
It seems, in the Netherlands a 15 year ban on pit bulls has been lifted after it was realized that the ban did NOT stop or reduce dog bites.
What erks my nerves is that it took them 15 years to realize this.
If it didn't reduce the number (percentage??) of dog bites AT ALL, shouldn't they have noticed... say... 14 or 13 years ago?? Seems that way to me.
But, hey, I'm not complaining here. This ban lift will probably save the lives of many of my bully brothers and sisters. After all, every dog should be given a chance.
It's just sad to say a lot of the pitties that were alive 15 years ago, probably didn't live to see this day. But, I'm certain they're watching the Netherlands from the rainbow bridge and their tails are thumping in joy- their eyes watching in amazement. So, all bullies from the Netherlands- this is just another battle we've won in this war called BSL!!!

Now, a different country- one closer to home- my own front yard! I'm taking small strides of my own winning people over and proving that pit bulls, American and staffie, make fine dogs, too. I think I'm finally winning the trust of my daddies family. Which, let me tell you, wasn't an easy trust to earn. They were afraid to let me inside to play with the other dogs. They were afraid I'd get loose and wreck havoc around the neighborhood. At one point, my daddy was even shaking in anger while taking me for my walk because his sister said I'd kill Sandy and Sakura and the cats!!! Why would I do that? I love the cats. I play with Sandy all the time. And, I've sniffed Sakura's butt enough times to know we trust each other. So, why would she go and say that? Also, I LOVE people! And, the people around here love me. I would never hurt any of them. But, the other day, my daddy and his sister took ALL of us doggies for a walk at the same time. Except Chance, my bully brother, but he's old and he doesn't do much walking. And, when they were done, they let us inside!!! I felt so happy all I could do was explore, my tail wagging a million miles a minute!! Since then, they've accused me of being mean less- and finally realized it's Cinnamon with the A-T-EY-TTUDE. But, they're working on training her- so, that's okay. I think if I can win over their complete trust- I can do anything!!!

Checking out again-

Lilo here, first time poster; long time reader

For the curious among you, my name is Lilo!
I am an American pit bull terrier mix in a world gone to the pot.
My daddy says Fort Bragg just recently proposed a BSL law- banning my bully brothers and sisters!- he says that the law hasn't been passed here- but Fort Bragg is right around the corner!
He worries for me- I worry for my family.
The last thing I want humans to have to do is say "Here lies the pit bull."
After all, we've had some great pitties in our world- like, the RCA dog and Pete the dog!!
My daddy loves Pete the dog.
And, then, of course there's me.

I found my way into my daddies heart during the year of 2006- but we'd actually known each other long before then.
See, when I was still young; just one years old; Daddy lived right down the road from me. He was young himself. He was only about 12 years old.
Back then I was with a family that he thought to be good people. But, sadly, they moved and left me behind. For three years he watched as I was passed from family to family; overbred, underfed, abused- until, finally, I disappeared for a while.
He didn't know where I'd went.
He didn't hear about me for a year.
Sadly, he thought he'd never see me again.
Then, his sister took me in.
And, eventually, I ended up in his families care.
Where, the inevitable happened, I claimed him.

It's funny how six years ago I was just the dog down the street and now I'm the dog in his heart.
But, it's all worth it. Because, I love him and he loves me.

And, he says that I'm the best dang dog he could ever have.
Well, of my breed- because, he has four other dogs that are also the best dang dogs. <3

Checking out-