Who's to Blame When Dogs Turn Deadly?

It's an age old debate.
Daddy says people have been debating this question for years- it simply wasn't always just the pit bull. In fact, at one point, it was the doberman. It was also the rottweiler. And, even the German shepherd dog got his share.
But, what I don't understand is- if the dog is always changing, but the people arent why do people still continualy blame us; the canines; even though, all evidences points to the beast on the other end of the leash?
I don't know about you, but, to me, it just doesn't seem fair that the dog takes the blame for something his owner made, raised, bred, trained him to do.
That's like blaming a gun for killing someone; when, in ALL reality facts state that it was obviously the person holding the gun that commited the crime.
You wouldn't blame a mistake on your childs pencil, now would you?
Say he had a dog that he was training to be vicous. The dog doesn't even have to be a pit bull. Maybe it's a chihuahua or a golden retriever or a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. Maybe he's hitting the dog. Maybe he's shoving sticks up his butt. (which, they do do when training a "fighting dog"- animal rights activists have taking to actually calling this rape which is very illegal. Maybe he's leaving the dog on a chain all day with no water, no food, no shelter. Now, when the dog has finally had enough and bites him- who is really to blame?
The boy; because he'd spent months; maybe years; torturing the dog?
Or the dog because he finally had enough and wanted to defend himself?
If you blame the dog; you're just stupid.
When you train a dog to be mean; no matter what his breed; the result will almost always be deadly.
When you abuse or neglect a dog; no matter what his breed; the result will almost always be deadly.
You'd think people would've learned that by now.
So, instead, for a brief moment- I'm going to take you inside a dog fighting pit. All you have to do is close your eyes.
Imagine you're an advocate for pit bulls and the ASPCA.
You recently got a call complaining about multiple barking late at night. The person said at least eight pit bulls were in her neighbors yard and there were more sounds coming from inside.
When enough people complained, you finally stepped in.
To the rescue, so to speak.
When you get there, to your horror; you do see eight dogs.
All of them pit bulls; but, not specifically American pit bull terriers; some of them are staffies, some of them American staffies, some of them not pit bull at all but just pit bull like dogs.
They're all in bad condition.
They have scars all over their bodies.
Some of them are naked where fur is supposed to be.
And, you can swear one of the males is missing an eye.
They carry heavy chains around their necks- with an even heavier chain tied to trees, and cars, and fences.
Theres only one dog house- and it's closest to the dog with the least amount of wounds.
You instantly know he's the strongest dog.
After all, he's being treated the best.
The dogs are skinny- sickly- malnourished, almost.
They need the help of a vet.
You can even hear some of them crying.
But, alas, it doesn't stop there.
Inside, it's worse.
It's not till you get to the basement that you learn exactly where the barks were coming from.
In the basement, there's a rape table.
A "breeding" device- where they force a stud onto a bitch even when she doesn't want it.
There's ropes hanging from the ceilings.
On one of them is a dead baby bunny- that the dogs probably didn't get a chance to eat because they failed to complete their training.
Theres cages upon cages- cages that don't even deserve the right to be called crates.
The dogs are packed in them.
Most of the dogs females.
Most of them with puppies.
Puppies that; until you showed up; were doomed for a life of the pits.
The cages are dirty.
There's nothing but newspaper to keep them warm.
Newspaper that reeks of urine.
Newspaper that has poop covering every inch of it.
It's almost like a puppy mill; but, sometimes, it can be worse. Because, puppy mill puppies have that possibility of finding a good home.
But, these pit bull puppies- they were doomed from the start.
On the floors you see bones.
Actual bones.
And, you can swear some of them belong to a cat.
In the back of the room is a big kennel- from there, is more barking.
But, not the barking you'd heard outside.
Approaching the kennel, you see different dogs. Chihuahuas, golden retrievers, yorkshire terriers, dachshunds- bait dogs. They're just as torn up as the pit bulls. Some of them are even half dead. And, a few of them look very much like dogs that had been reported missing just the month before.
In horror you realize where you are: in the house of a dogfighter.
So, should those dogs really be blamed for what they did? When the criminal is the one that trained them to be that way?
Next time you accuse the dog; remember to arrest the gun for the murder of that woman. Or put the knife in court for stabing that child. Also, don't forget to flunk that pencil for failing that math test.
After all, the human is never to blaim.

To learn more about dogfighting and how you can prevent it or spot it if it's in your neighborhood read here:

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