Been A While

Daddy hasn't been keeping up with my blog. Heck, he hasn't been keeping up with his own journal. Things have been going rough for us. We might be moving next month and he's anxious about that. So am I. We haven't been able to go on many walks. But, Daddy has been trying. He's going to be going to school soon. So, the walks might be less. But, he's looking into hiring a dog walker. He's talking to a few friends and the works. Trying to find someone he'll trust to do the job. Well, there's not much to update about. So, I'm leaving you with a Myth of the Week. I don't know if I've done this one before, but, it works.

MYTH: Pit bulls; since they were trained to fight in the rings years ago; are naturally aggressive towards dogs and humans alike.

FACT: While some American pit bull terriers do show signs of minor or severe dog aggression, human aggression is undesirable in the breed. Any dog showing human aggression; no matter how minor or severe; should be stopped before he makes the headlines. If the problem can't be worked on through strict training and a behaviorist, then, sadly, the dog should be put down. But, that shouldn't happen too often since most pit bull breeders don't breed for human aggression. Since dog fighting was only one of the purposes the pit bull was bred to do (others including [but not limited to] boar hunting, bull baiting and to be a family dog) he was bred to be as human friendly as possible. After all, who wants to handle an unruly beast who snaps at every human every chance he gets? In recent years, backyard breeders have bred aggressive, unmanagable pit bulls. And, I have my doubts about rather these dogs are purebred. Many of them show traits of other bully and mastiff breeds; such as the dogo argentino or the American bulldog. These dogs are overbred and not bred to bring out the best in the American pit bull terrier; but the worst in the combination of breeds. These "breeders" try to make "human aggressive" dogs to attract to the buyer. To be able to market "good guard-dogs" and make a buck. Please, remember, these dogs are not purebred American pit bull terriers. And, even if they are, they are not well-bred and do not come from the best American pit bull terrier lines. So, to use one you met as a prime example as why the breed is uncontrollable and aggressive is silly. These dogs, like many other dogs from bad breeding practices, weren't bred for good reasons at all. Rather, they were bred to appeal to men trying to improve their mojo. Some bred to be guard dogs. Some bred as fighting stock for thug dog fighters. (Please remember, a traditional dogmen- rather you agree with the sport or not [I don't] will never breed a human aggressive dog) The American pit bull terrier should never show signs of human aggression. Dog aggression is, however, common in the breed. But, throw strict training, the watchful eye of the owner and consistancy a pit bull can be successfully raised to dwell with other dogs. But, please remember to never leave your pit bull unattended with other dogs. While he might never be the one to start the fight- the breed does have a tendency to end it.