Is it because I'm a pit bull?

On my walks I notice how all the kids back away.And the dog walkers walk on the other side of the street. No one ever wants to pet me.And, when told I'm a pit bull, people run away.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie. It is.
No one ever wants to walk through my yard. The water meter lady will pet my sister-but, she never touches me.She wants me put away. "Restrain her." she sais.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
When I'm waiting in the car for you, people park far from me.When I'm walking through PetSmart with you,people growl and say "How dare he. That's a pit bull."When people walk by with their chihuahuas, I see their eyes fill with fear.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
I hear people talking about how you shouldn't have me.I heard someone say I could kill a dog.I heard you yell and scream because she'd said that.I heard it all.All of it.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
I come from a rough past.People wanted to breed me over and over again.And they sold my unregistered, unvaccinated puppies for 300 bucks a piece.And, they kept me outside in chains.Expecting me to "guard" their unfenced yard.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
I hear you crying at night sometimes. Praying that you'll be able to keep me until I'm old and gray.Sometimes when you look at me, I notice a fear in your eyes.It's really aged you.At only 19, you seem so much older.So much more mature.That look you give me is the same one you give Chance.Is it because we're pit bulls, Daddy?
I cannot lie.It is.
You fight to keep me.You fight to prove that pit bulls can make fine pets, too.You try to give me the best life you can.You train me, you love me, you hold me when I'm scared. You even sit with me when it rains.And, boy do I love our games of fetch.You've provided me the best home a dog could ask for.You've been with me through so much.Is it because I'm a pit bull, Daddy?
No.It's because you're beautiful.


Myth of the week

Myth: Pit bulls make good guard dogs.
Fact: Pit bulls, in fact, make horrible guard dogs. They're too trusting of people and will walk away with anyone. Why do you think pit bulls are one of the number one stolen dogs in America? I can guess why; people think they make good guard dogs, so leave them outside to "guard" and- in the long run- they get stolen while "on duty". Pit bulls do however make good watchdogs. Which is different from a guard dog because a watchdogs job is to bark and let you know when someone is coming. They also make good police dogs and service dogs. They are, after all, loyal to humans; people pleasers, I'd say.


Me and my sissy

Is she mean? No.
Am I mean? No.
Are we trained? Yes.


My chihuahua sister

Neither one of us are bad dogs.
And, we're both out to change minds.

So, next time you see that chihuahua that isn't allowed to use his feet- remember, it's only because he's not socialized that he barks at you.

And, when you hear about that pit bull that attacked that child; remember, he came from a bad background raised by a bad human.

Dogs can love if raised to love.


I remember

I remember when you first took me home. You would walk around the neighborhood bragging about me.I was beautiful you'd say. I was the apple of your eye you'd say.You'd brag because I was a pit bull and I got along with your cat.I was a pit bull and I loved your son.You bragged because I was friendly and a pit bull.I loved that.From the porch, Daddy would admire me. Watching as you walked down the street with meBack then, I didn't even really know Daddy, though.He was just an ocassional aquantince. He was someone that came over sometimes and gave me a pat on the head or a milkbone from the treat jar. You were home back then.You were the only home I knew. But, when you decided it was time to move; there was no room for me anymore.I went from a well behaved pit bull to a well behaved problem. I just don't know what I did wrong.But, whatever it was, you left and you left me with the next person to become a memory in my head.I had been with you the first year of my life.And, I remember you.I remember joining your pack.You had no other dogs.I was your first dog.You only wanted me because I was beautiful.You only wanted me so you could breed me with your boyfriends American staffordshire; who, by the way, I clearly remember was NOT an American pit bull terrier and far from it. I remember having two litters that year.I remember Daddy watching you with anger as you shoved me out the door.I remember trying to run away; but, you found me and bought me back home. Punishing for me for having commited such an act. I remember crying at night for my first family.The entire neighborhood could hear my howls.I remember going for days without eating because you were with your boyfriend and you forgot to drop some Dog Chow in my dish.Then, suddenly, someone came in your house with a leash and she took me away.I thought I was being rescued.You, too, became a memory in my head.Please know, I remember you.I remember you taking me to your house and chaining me in the yard.I was housetrained and behaved; I knew to stay off the couches; I never understood why I was never allowed inside.I remember howling at night.Daddy was far away at his point; but, I remember him coming over sometimes and slipping me some good food. Quality kibble he'd call it.I remember you breeding me. Twice.So that by the time I was only three, I'd had four litters.You needed the money you said.But, on the fourth litter, I remember Daddy's sister stepping in.She got sick of you breeding me.She got sick of me being left outside all the time.She got sick of me being treated like an item instead of a dog.But, as she took me away, even now, I remember you.I remember you letting me inside even knowing I was pregnant.I remember you feeding me all the best foods you could.Sure, Iams isn't quality, but you thought it was. And, that's all that matters.Because, you tried.I remember you feeding me even before you fed yourself.I remember you letting me sleep at the foot of your bed.I remember finally having the puppies; and not wantin to take care of them.But, that was okay.You stepped in.You became a momma to me and my puppies. But, sadly, they all died.And, you were so sad.So sad.I tried to comfort you for days.But, it didn't work.Then, you moved in with your own mom.You were kicked out of your house- turns out it wasn't only the puppies making you depressed. A while later, you left. Leaving me behind.I waited for months for you.I'd sit at your room door and wait for you.I remember you.Then, you stepped in. Your kind hand gave me a pat on the head. You promised she'd be back; you'd make sure of it.You let me in as much as possible.And, you take me for my daily walks. When I bark at night, it's you I want.When I cry because I can't take the memories, it's your hands that comfort me.You brag about me with so much pride; sometimes I get scared you'll be just like the rest of them.Then a pat on the head and a run around the block; WITH A LEASH; assures me you won't.You've told me I changed your mind about pit bulls.You've told me I changed your mind about a lot of things.You and I; we're taking on the world.But, be careful how you treat me because, Daddy, I'll remember you.Humans, make a note of this.No matter what you do;no matter how you treat us;we never forget.So, to all you bad humans, please know-there are dogs sitting on the streets, in the shelters, in the pounds, being euthanized-and, they-remember you.


Pit Bull Myth of the Week- 2

Since I forgot to do it yesterday, I figured I'd do it today.

Myth: Treadmills are only used to get pit bulls ready to fight.

Fact: Many responsible owners utilize treadmills to help exercise their dogs. This is useful in places where weather prevents outdoor exercise, or in situations where off-leash exercise in not an option. The treadmill is used by people that show their Pit Bulls, and do sporting activities like weight pull and agility to help keep their dogs in shape. Because Pit Bulls are athletic animals, responsibly using a treadmill can help them be healthier and happier

Who's to Blame When Dogs Turn Deadly?

It's an age old debate.
Daddy says people have been debating this question for years- it simply wasn't always just the pit bull. In fact, at one point, it was the doberman. It was also the rottweiler. And, even the German shepherd dog got his share.
But, what I don't understand is- if the dog is always changing, but the people arent why do people still continualy blame us; the canines; even though, all evidences points to the beast on the other end of the leash?
I don't know about you, but, to me, it just doesn't seem fair that the dog takes the blame for something his owner made, raised, bred, trained him to do.
That's like blaming a gun for killing someone; when, in ALL reality facts state that it was obviously the person holding the gun that commited the crime.
You wouldn't blame a mistake on your childs pencil, now would you?
Say he had a dog that he was training to be vicous. The dog doesn't even have to be a pit bull. Maybe it's a chihuahua or a golden retriever or a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever. Maybe he's hitting the dog. Maybe he's shoving sticks up his butt. (which, they do do when training a "fighting dog"- animal rights activists have taking to actually calling this rape which is very illegal. Maybe he's leaving the dog on a chain all day with no water, no food, no shelter. Now, when the dog has finally had enough and bites him- who is really to blame?
The boy; because he'd spent months; maybe years; torturing the dog?
Or the dog because he finally had enough and wanted to defend himself?
If you blame the dog; you're just stupid.
When you train a dog to be mean; no matter what his breed; the result will almost always be deadly.
When you abuse or neglect a dog; no matter what his breed; the result will almost always be deadly.
You'd think people would've learned that by now.
So, instead, for a brief moment- I'm going to take you inside a dog fighting pit. All you have to do is close your eyes.
Imagine you're an advocate for pit bulls and the ASPCA.
You recently got a call complaining about multiple barking late at night. The person said at least eight pit bulls were in her neighbors yard and there were more sounds coming from inside.
When enough people complained, you finally stepped in.
To the rescue, so to speak.
When you get there, to your horror; you do see eight dogs.
All of them pit bulls; but, not specifically American pit bull terriers; some of them are staffies, some of them American staffies, some of them not pit bull at all but just pit bull like dogs.
They're all in bad condition.
They have scars all over their bodies.
Some of them are naked where fur is supposed to be.
And, you can swear one of the males is missing an eye.
They carry heavy chains around their necks- with an even heavier chain tied to trees, and cars, and fences.
Theres only one dog house- and it's closest to the dog with the least amount of wounds.
You instantly know he's the strongest dog.
After all, he's being treated the best.
The dogs are skinny- sickly- malnourished, almost.
They need the help of a vet.
You can even hear some of them crying.
But, alas, it doesn't stop there.
Inside, it's worse.
It's not till you get to the basement that you learn exactly where the barks were coming from.
In the basement, there's a rape table.
A "breeding" device- where they force a stud onto a bitch even when she doesn't want it.
There's ropes hanging from the ceilings.
On one of them is a dead baby bunny- that the dogs probably didn't get a chance to eat because they failed to complete their training.
Theres cages upon cages- cages that don't even deserve the right to be called crates.
The dogs are packed in them.
Most of the dogs females.
Most of them with puppies.
Puppies that; until you showed up; were doomed for a life of the pits.
The cages are dirty.
There's nothing but newspaper to keep them warm.
Newspaper that reeks of urine.
Newspaper that has poop covering every inch of it.
It's almost like a puppy mill; but, sometimes, it can be worse. Because, puppy mill puppies have that possibility of finding a good home.
But, these pit bull puppies- they were doomed from the start.
On the floors you see bones.
Actual bones.
And, you can swear some of them belong to a cat.
In the back of the room is a big kennel- from there, is more barking.
But, not the barking you'd heard outside.
Approaching the kennel, you see different dogs. Chihuahuas, golden retrievers, yorkshire terriers, dachshunds- bait dogs. They're just as torn up as the pit bulls. Some of them are even half dead. And, a few of them look very much like dogs that had been reported missing just the month before.
In horror you realize where you are: in the house of a dogfighter.
So, should those dogs really be blamed for what they did? When the criminal is the one that trained them to be that way?
Next time you accuse the dog; remember to arrest the gun for the murder of that woman. Or put the knife in court for stabing that child. Also, don't forget to flunk that pencil for failing that math test.
After all, the human is never to blaim.

To learn more about dogfighting and how you can prevent it or spot it if it's in your neighborhood read here: