STOP! You're ruining my breed!!

No one knows exactly how it happened.
No one knows exactly when.
All we know is that somehow, some way, someone began to murder the American pit bull terrier look. And they got away with it red handed.

These days it's so common to see 80, 90, 100 pound pit bulls that the idea of a 25 pound one is just silly.
Yes, I said 25 pounds.
Did you know that, in the beginning the pit bull was actually bred to be small?
The smaller the dog, the more desirable.
After all, smaller tends to have an avantage.

If the original creater of the American pit bull terrier saw the way the look has been changed- he'd probably have a heart attack.

A 100 pound terrier just isn't natural.

Let's get started on some info shall we...

The original weight for the American pit bull terrier was 22-50 pounds.
The most common weight was about 35 pounds.

That's not much bigger than your golden retriever is it?
In some cases, they tend to be smaller than your Buddy.

From Dogster:
20 - 55 pounds (9.07 - 24.9 kg)
15 - 20 inches (38.1 - 50.8)

That's for the... dare I say it?... AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER.

Hmm... and you thought that dog down the street that was 100 pounds of muscle was APBT.

Got some news for ya buddy... he probably isn't.

We're not there yet, though.

It seems that in this day, people are claiming the size of the pit bull to be anywhere between 22-110 pounds. Doesn't that just sound funny? I mean... that's a wide gap there, y'know?
Well, to tell the truth, those ranging between 55-110 pounds probably aren't pure bred pit bulls. Actually, there's no probably to it.

They aren't purebred pit bulls.

Most of the American pit bulls that are that large have been crossed with other breeds such as the mastiff, the bullmastiff, the Neopolitan mastiff, the great dane and the rottweiler.

Usually done by backyard breeders that are trying to breed a bigger dog than the one they already have to increase their mojo.
Or done by thug dog fighters who think bigger dogs have more of an advantage- when, in reality, that's a crock of shit.

Because, after all, they were bred small for their advantages.


If you believe American pit bulls are HUGE, think about it for a second.
How many big, muscular terriers have you seen in your neighborhood?
Looking it up, the biggest terrier is the American staffordshire; also known as the pit bull; who can be up to 50 pounds.

But mastiffs are pretty large.

So, tell me, how did the American pit bull terrier go from this first beautiful dog to the second 90 pound, muscle head dog?
I'm proud to say I'm a small APBT mix. I only weigh in at about 30 pounds. That's only 25 pounds bigger than my chihuahua mix sister!!!

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