Lilo here, first time poster; long time reader

For the curious among you, my name is Lilo!
I am an American pit bull terrier mix in a world gone to the pot.
My daddy says Fort Bragg just recently proposed a BSL law- banning my bully brothers and sisters!- he says that the law hasn't been passed here- but Fort Bragg is right around the corner!
He worries for me- I worry for my family.
The last thing I want humans to have to do is say "Here lies the pit bull."
After all, we've had some great pitties in our world- like, the RCA dog and Pete the dog!!
My daddy loves Pete the dog.
And, then, of course there's me.

I found my way into my daddies heart during the year of 2006- but we'd actually known each other long before then.
See, when I was still young; just one years old; Daddy lived right down the road from me. He was young himself. He was only about 12 years old.
Back then I was with a family that he thought to be good people. But, sadly, they moved and left me behind. For three years he watched as I was passed from family to family; overbred, underfed, abused- until, finally, I disappeared for a while.
He didn't know where I'd went.
He didn't hear about me for a year.
Sadly, he thought he'd never see me again.
Then, his sister took me in.
And, eventually, I ended up in his families care.
Where, the inevitable happened, I claimed him.

It's funny how six years ago I was just the dog down the street and now I'm the dog in his heart.
But, it's all worth it. Because, I love him and he loves me.

And, he says that I'm the best dang dog he could ever have.
Well, of my breed- because, he has four other dogs that are also the best dang dogs. <3

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