Taking Strides

It seems that while it seems some cities and states are falling into this "BSL" bologna, other places are taking small strides ahead and forgetting about the past.
My daddy found some good news while browsing Dogster today, and he was excited to let me know all about it.
It seems, in the Netherlands a 15 year ban on pit bulls has been lifted after it was realized that the ban did NOT stop or reduce dog bites.
What erks my nerves is that it took them 15 years to realize this.
If it didn't reduce the number (percentage??) of dog bites AT ALL, shouldn't they have noticed... say... 14 or 13 years ago?? Seems that way to me.
But, hey, I'm not complaining here. This ban lift will probably save the lives of many of my bully brothers and sisters. After all, every dog should be given a chance.
It's just sad to say a lot of the pitties that were alive 15 years ago, probably didn't live to see this day. But, I'm certain they're watching the Netherlands from the rainbow bridge and their tails are thumping in joy- their eyes watching in amazement. So, all bullies from the Netherlands- this is just another battle we've won in this war called BSL!!!

Now, a different country- one closer to home- my own front yard! I'm taking small strides of my own winning people over and proving that pit bulls, American and staffie, make fine dogs, too. I think I'm finally winning the trust of my daddies family. Which, let me tell you, wasn't an easy trust to earn. They were afraid to let me inside to play with the other dogs. They were afraid I'd get loose and wreck havoc around the neighborhood. At one point, my daddy was even shaking in anger while taking me for my walk because his sister said I'd kill Sandy and Sakura and the cats!!! Why would I do that? I love the cats. I play with Sandy all the time. And, I've sniffed Sakura's butt enough times to know we trust each other. So, why would she go and say that? Also, I LOVE people! And, the people around here love me. I would never hurt any of them. But, the other day, my daddy and his sister took ALL of us doggies for a walk at the same time. Except Chance, my bully brother, but he's old and he doesn't do much walking. And, when they were done, they let us inside!!! I felt so happy all I could do was explore, my tail wagging a million miles a minute!! Since then, they've accused me of being mean less- and finally realized it's Cinnamon with the A-T-EY-TTUDE. But, they're working on training her- so, that's okay. I think if I can win over their complete trust- I can do anything!!!

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