Pete the dog

Now, Petey was one amazing pit bull.

For those of you that don't know who Pete was, remember the dog on the Lil' Rascals? The TV series?? That's Pete. The dog with the circle around his eye. He was an American pit bull terrier; and an amazing one at that.

He's like- this big symbol for pit bull rescue sites and "Ban BSL sites". And, he should be, too. I mean, after all, he spent many hours of his day on set with a bunch of kids. Would a monster really be able to do that without having a thirst for blood?

Well, while on google- Daddy googled "pet pit bulls" and happened to come across a site practically dedicated to Pete's memory. There's all kind of pictures and articles about the dog. Did you know the first Pete was poisoned by an unknown assailant?? That's horrible! Daddy would die if someone poisoned me!! Good thing I'm not into the whole life of glam and glitter. This site even has his Pedigree!! (for those of you that don't know, that's like a family tree but for a dog.) Now, that's some awesome stuff.

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