The Other dog.

Seriously, it has.
Daddy came home today smelling like another dog!
I couldn't help but wonder what that strange smell was. Was he cheating on me? Did he have a second family with second dogs?
I was curious and even a little frustrated.
But, he let me know exactly what went down. He explained it to me gently, and I listened. "Lilo, I met the most beautiful American pit bull terrier today. Well, the most beautiful male- you're the most beautiful female. He was bigger than you- but he was the same shade of brindle. And, he had the most handsome pit bull grin. This one guy was afraid of the dog- but, once I approached him and (with permission) pet the boys head, I realized this guy just had bad judgement. The dog licked my hand while his tail wagged at the speed of light! Lilo, his tail was wagging almost as fast as yours! I accompied him and his daddy on their walk- and it was so much fun. You're gonna have to meet him one day, Lilo. He was such a sweetheart. And, beautiful, too."
I almost didn't forgive him- then, he brought over someone for me to meet!

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