So, it's been a while since I last posted. No worries, though, nothing has happened to me. The computer has been down and the few times I've been online, I've only been able to check my Dogster page and send out a few pawmails. So, today, I have a lot of catching up to do! Let's see, there was something I wanted to post... and I missed out on a myth of the week. It may have been two, but I'm only putting one. It's easier on the pawpads. Anyway, first of all, I wanna give a big shout out to Pikapet!! When I logged on today, I noticed that on September 12th I was voted best link. I just wish I could've been online that day. Either way, it's an honor and I thank you all x1,000 for it!! Well, moving on, myth of the week. It's late, but here it is:

Myth of the week: It is best to get a puppy as you will know exactly what to expect from your American pit bull terrier.

Fact: Many people feel if they get a Pit Bull as a puppy they can train it to not be aggressive towards other dogs and increase the likelihood that the dog will have no undesirable behavior qualities. Puppies can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, but with a new puppy there is no way of knowing how that dog will act as an adult. One benefit of adopting a young adult or full grown Pit Bull is the ability to avoid the uncomfortable puppy behavior stage. This includes constant destructive chewing, house breaking, excessive and uncontrollable energy, teething and puppy biting, possible whining, howling, and barking for attention at night, and the time and effort it takes to begin teaching general manners and obedience.
Another benefit is that an adopter can know how an adult Pit Bull will do with other dogs, cats, children, car rides, and other certain situations. Bringing a puppy up in the most loving and social environment can only alter its predetermined genetic urges so much. In other words, having a dog since puppyhood does not necessarily mean it will have all of the qualities desired in a pet. It may end up having some traits that are undesirable. An adult Pit Bull, however, will have more of an established personality, and an adopter can know what to expect with the dog.

And, that is from pitbulllovers.com. I recommend checking it out some time.

Anyway, I've been working on this article for my local newspaper. It's going to be pawsitive pit bull press. I'm hoping I can get it published. Even if I don't, as soon as it is done, I will be posting it here. (of course, I'll have to use my humans pin name as Lilo The Pibble might not get the job done!) You can go to Dogster.com and check out the American pit bull terrier forums for details on that. Also, feel free to make suggestions on what I can add in it.

Also, while writing the article, another similar article came to me. I'm aware of some typos, so don't point them out. I simply wanted to share it. Enjoy.

Pit Bull Ownership There are many things that come with owning a pit bull. As there are many things that come with owning almost any breed; but, most pit bull owners will agree that owning a pit bull is an even greater challenge. A pit bull requires a special kind of owner. He requires someone that's understanding, loyal, strong, bullheaded; even. He requires someone that will be willing to fight for him if the need comes. Someone that will be willing to fight for him even if there isn't a need. Someone willing to fight for his siblings, his parents, his kind. He requires someone willing to fight for him the way his ancestors fought for humans; and sometimes still do; all those years ago. It's easy to fall in love with a dog just by holding him in your arms, seeing his tail twitch, staring into those amazing eyes that hold so much trust and loyalty even when they've been through the worst of situations. It's even easier to fall in love with a dog when he gives you that bully grin, wags his butt and bows in submision. But, before taking that leap into "Pit Bull Ownership" there are a few things that need to be considered. See, owning a pit bull isn't an easy task. This is because, with pit bull ownership comes great responsibility. When you take that pit bull home, these are only some of the things you agree to. xYou agree to a life of discrimination. Forget if you're white, black, asian or mexican. No one is going to see your color any longer. They're going to see your dogs breed. When you walk down the street with your wiggle butt- all they'll see is a big set of shiny teeth. They'll probably envision those teeth snarling and lunging at their throat. Friends and family may "turn" on you (ironic since they accuse pit bulls of doing that very thing) and no longer want to speak to you. They'll be afraid to visit because of your "big bad pit bull". (who may only grow up to be 35 lbs. Yeah, that's big) They won't want to schedule playdates with your dogs anymore because now theres a pit bull in the family and of course the pit bull "will eat them". While trying to walk your dog, parents will pull kids away. Dog walkers will cross the street. Homeowners will glare at you as if thinking "How dare you walk that weapon in front of my yard." And, forget about the dog park, chances are; your pit bull won't be welcome there. So, through all this discrimination, where do pit bull owners find time to socialize? Exactly. xYou agree to the chance that in an instant, you may lose all legal rights to your pit bull. With BSL increasing at an alarming rate, we pit bull owners are in danger. What if you've owned your pit bull for ten years and suddenly your city passes a law prohibiting pit bulls? You're safe, right? Wrong. Let someone report that a "big bad pit bull" lives in their neighborhood. Let them report it more than once. There goes your pit bull. And, let your dog offleash in your own yard when a cat is there. A neighbors cat. Let the neighbor see. There goes your pit bull. Some places charge a fine. What if you don't have the money? There goes your pit bull. It's risky. It's dangerous. And, a great deal of pit bull owners have lost their pit bulls because of Breed Specific Legislation. We all own pit bulls with the knowledge that one day; it could be our pit bull. Do we toughen ourselves up to the possibility of that situation? Maybe as we never let it show that we fear it in public. But, we do admit it. And, I cannot tell a lie, it's terrifying. xYou agree to responsibility. To the EXTREME. So, your pit bull loves dogs? Okay, a trip or two to the dog park won't hurt, right? Wrong. Not every dog is as friendly as your pit bull. And, of course, if a golden retriever attacks your pit bull and he fights back, whos going to take the blame? Certainly not the golden retriever. And, just like that, your pit bull will be on trial. Owning a pit bull is dangerous. Not because the dog poses a danger to the community but because the community poses a danger to the dog. A pit bulls life isn't always an easy one. In some places, responsibility is taken to the extreme; muzzles, short leads, small kennels, no dog interaction. In some places, it isn't so extreme but still limited; short leads, inside most of the time or tethered, slim dog interaction, rarely any trips to the dog park. When a pit bull owner chooses his pit bull, he agrees to be responsible so that he doesn't ruin it for the entire communtiy. One mistake, and there goes another pit bull headline that will cause chaos and with it, bring BSL. Of course, some (irresponsible) pit bull owners don't make this agreement; these are the enemy. xYou agree to putting up with the anger that comes with seeing your breed belittled all over the internet, all over every news channel, all over the paper, all over rap and rock music videos. You agree to putting up with the anger and frustration you feel when you google pit bull images hoping to find a cute picture of Pete the Pup and instead find a picture of a snarling, menace to society who probably isn't a pit bull in the first place. You agree to putting up with the anger we feel when we hear about people like Micheal Vick. But, you also agree to being able to keep your cool and gently explaining to people that these images just are not what a pit bull is. That pit bulls were bred to love humans and to serve them. That pit bulls DO love humans and are one of the most loyal breeds. After all, the last thing we need is for the media to report: "PIT BULL OWNER MAULS MAN" with a picture of a snarling human in the background. xYou agree to admit that once pit bulls WERE bred to fight. That once upon a time (and sometimes, still) pit bulls fought each other. You agree to admit that you know what pit bulls are capable of doing (though, contrary to popular believe, other breeds have STRONGER jaw and bite pressure) to your dogs, your cats, you. But, you also know that even though your pit bull knows what he can do, he'd never do it because he's a dog. And, dogs are loyal to us. Unless the dog is sick, on a poor diet, trained the wrong way, bred the wrong way or has rabies, chances of him "turning" are slim to none. xYou agree to study and educate. As pit bull owners, we must let as many people as possible know that pit bulls aren't all bad dogs. And, in fact, are one of the top family breeds and WAS at the top back in the 30's. You agree to educate people about their history, their temperment, their personality. You agree to educate and be an ambassodor for the breed. Because, when it comes to pit bull ownership; even if we don't agree; even if one person believes in chains and the other doesn't; even if one person feeds raw and the other kibble... we're ALL in the same fight. xYou agree to hardwork and training. Believe me, the last thing we responsible pit bull owners want to see is a loose pit bull wrecking havoc on the town. Honestly, owners who let their pit bulls behave in such ways ruin it for the rest of us. Pit bulls should be properly trained. This shows people that they ARE possible to train. Some argue we don't have anything to show people. I argue we do. If someone sees you walking your pit bull in a heel position, stopping; your pit bull sits, then your pit bull looks both ways, when sees there's no cars, he crosses; hugging your leg, then goes on command... they are bound to spread the news of the "well behaved pit bull". Trust me. xYou agree to put up with ignorant questions and comments. Trust me on this one, you will get questions such as: "Do you want to breed him?" "Can I breed my dog with him so I can have a rare blue nose?" "What color brindle is that? Bet him and my dog will make gorgeous pups. How about it?" "Do you wanna fight him? I have a pit bull that I'm looking to fight." "How much?" "Can I buy him? How much do you want?" I've gotten them enough times to know. You have to learn to put up with them and say witty replies like: "Sorry, he's fixed." Or "I'm against fighting and if you ask again, I'll record it and call the cops. It's illegal, y'know?" Or "He's not for sale, however, I have a sister that I can give you." And, whatever you do, wait to laugh or curse until you turn a corner. xYou agree to a life of dedication. Being involved with this breed basically requires dedication. Some people involved with pit bulls get involved with rescue without even planning it. That's a high form of dedication. A small form is fighting for your pit bull and your rights as a pit bull owner. Dedication. We, as pit bull owners, need to have it. xYou agree to show this dog A LOT of love. Being that they can hardly get it anywhere else, it's up to you to show your dog love and keep him happy. But, then again, this aggreement is made for any dog. These are the reasons a pit bull is NOT for everyone. Not everyone can make such agreements. Not everyone is up for the challenge. Not everyone is willing to face the fact that at any given moment their dog could be gone. Just like that. Just because of a scare that goes beyond explanation. Not everyone can look into their dogs eyes and wipe a tear from their eye because they know that their town COULD be next. So, overall, a pit bull is NOT for everyone. But, of course, there are upsides to pit bulls. These are only some of the reasons pit bulls make fine pets. xPit bulls have that amazing grin. I've never seen any dog that could pull off such a smile. The bulldog comes close. The American bulldog is a close tie. My dachshund mix, Sandy, almost has it down. But, there's something about the pit bulls grin that no other dog can imitate. It brings a certain kind of warmth to your heart when you see it. It makes your heart flitter and dance. It lets you know that there are some things in life worth fighting for. xThe amazing loyalty a pit bull can provide not only to you, but to your family, too. There's a reason pit bulls were once the number one chosen family dog. They love their people. They will do ANYTHING for their people. I think their history has proven that enough. Pit bulls also seem to love children. I've noticed that, around children, they become pussycats. I have NEVER met a dog more loyal to humans than the pit bulls that I live with. xThe fact that sometimes you come home just KNOWING that you changed someones mind. I've done this a great many times. Just by meeting my pit bull, some people comment on how they thought pit bulls were all bad. When they admit how wrong they were, I come home with a feeling of satisfaction knowing my dog and I changed a mind; knowing that my dog is so well trained and well behaved and so friendly that she has the power of making someone believe otherwise. xPit bulls WILL get you up and walking. They require a lot of exercise and, honestly, my pit bull got me up and RUNNING. I jog with her at least three times a day. And, it's amazing watching her run. Because of her, I've stayed in shape. xPit bulls are clown dogs. They have a sense of humor and they're not afraid to show it. They can always bring a smile to your face. They have the strangest quirks. The cutest personality. My pit bull will spin; literally SPIN; in circles when she's happy. She'll dance when she wants attention. She'll play like no other dog can play. Pit bulls are humorous. And, that's wonderful. xBelieve it or not, pit bulls teach a lot about life. Owning a pit bull teaches you how to be strong even when it feels like the world is caving in. But, it also teaches you how to accept the hardest parts of life with the good. It teaches you how to fight for what you love, how to stand up for what you believe in, how to look at the world and say "You're full of *** and I don't give a heck what you say." Pit bulls teach us just as much as we teach them. xPit bulls have the best kisses. I've never known a dog with better kisses. In just a flash, your pit bull will have his paws on your chest as his tongue strokes your cheek. I haven't known any pit bull owner to care to train their dog not to do this; because, pit bulls have wonderful kisses. And, they always make you smile. xPit bulls are nothing but BIG babies. And, it's adorable. Leave one alone for too long and he WILL cry. Sometimes, I find, they'll even howl. Sure, some of them don't do this, but, a lot of them are big babies. They always want to be with you and for someone looking for a companion, they would make a great choice if they choose a pit bull. xPit bulls aren't too small nor too big. Coming in a WIDE variety of sizes (what is it? 35-60 lbs?) pit bulls range in the small to large sizes. I've seen 30 pound pit bulls. So, this gives you a lot to choose from. Believe me, it does. These are some of the reasons the pit bull is for ME. And, many other pit bull owners. Pit bull ownership can be complicated, I'm not going to lie. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep because my neighboring town banned the dogs I fight so hard for. Sometimes I pick my pit bull up, just to hold her close so that if she has to go tommorow, I'll have that last scent on my shirt. So I can imprint the feel of her being held in my arms. And, just remember guys, my pit bulls AREN'T registered. But, with pit bull ownership also comes great joy. There is nothing that can amount to the happiness you feel when your pit bull walks past a dog or a child or a couple and doesn't even acknowledge them. There is nothing that can compare to the smile that spreads your face when your pit bull comes up to you in the morning with a grin upon his face. There is nothing better than knowing you fought for your pit bull and he taught you along the way. Pit bull ownership is like yin and yang. There is a dark side and a light side and you have to be willing to accept both before you are won over by the way that pit bull wags his tail. But, if you are won over and those big, brown eyes get the better of you; just make a promise to me and all pit bull advocates everywhere. Promise us that you'll love the dog for his entire lifespan. Promise us that you won't do him wrong and take him for all the wrong reasons. Promise us that he won't be the next victim of the media. Promise us that you'll raise him with responsibility, care and love. Promise us that he'll be a true ambassodor for the breed.

That about covers it for updates! Thanks for reading!!

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