Myth of the Week

I missed out on yet ANOTHER myth of the week. However, no worries, posting just a day late won't hurt. There will, however, be two posts day. :] And, I'm doing two myths today just in case I miss nextweek.

Myth: If you don't breed your pit bull (male or female) (s)he'll be more likely to turn on you.
Fact: Breeding a female may actually increase the chances of her biting as some mother dogs are VERY protective of their pups. When daddy's mom bred pomeranians, there was a certain one that wouldn't let ANYONE touch her or the puppies except Daddy's mom. And, whenever someone tried to touch either of them, she'd snap.This can be the case for any breed; including pit bulls. Besides, a dog; if neutered at a young age; won't know the difference. Dogs; unlike humans; do not have a desire to breed ALL the time. A female dog only wants to breed during her heat cycle and a male only wants to reed when there's a female around that's on her heat cycle. But, fixing a dog young is great because then the dog never wants to breed. I have a feeling this (ignorant) myth was started by a backyard breeder that wanted an "excuse" to breed Fido to Mimi.

Myth: An unaltered dog is more likely to turn than an altered dog.
Fact: Though I support spaying and neutering, I have to say, this one never made sense to me. Growing up, Daddy's been around a great deal of unaltered dogs of all breeds; none of them turned on me. And, I must confess, Chance is unaltered and the best damn (excuse my french) family dog there is. He could never be neutered due to health problems; so, he is still intact. And, he has never bit any of us. Not any of us dogs, not of the cats, not any of the humans. Nor has he shown any signs of aggression. And, he's been with the pack since 1998. Now, I'm in no way saying you shouldn't spay and neuter your dogs. Please do it unless theres a reason not to. Lord knows we have enough dogs; especially pit bulls; in the shelters right now. Plus, there are health benefits, too.

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