Myth of the Week

Myth: American pit bull terriers are only recognized by dog fighting organizations. No responsible registry would register such a dog.

Fact: American pit bull terriers can be registered almost world wide. The ADBA recognizes them as does the UKC. That's just to name the most common ones. American pit bull terriers can participate in events through such registries, too. These events include weight pulling, conformation and obedience trials! Did you know that the AKC recognizes the pit bull? Yes. The beautiful American staffordshire terrier is arguably the same as the American pit bull terrier; with only standards seperating the two. See, the AKC didn't want "pit" in the name because they didn't wanna be associated with dog fighting. And, they couldn't put "bull terrier" in the name because, back then, the bull terrier registry was strict. So, they gave the dog the name American staffordshire terrier when it was first registered in the early 1900's. But, back in the late 1800's, the breed was known as the "pit bull terrier" and, at one point, the "American pit bull terrier".

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