Pit Bul Owners: As Aggressive As the Media Thinks Their Dogs Are?

There's a new trend going around in the land of pit bull advocates. I see it every day. It's sad, really- because, if this trend wasn't going around, I think I could make great friends with a lot of these pit bull advocates. But, sadly, I can't. Because, they are picking on my dogs. Not my pit bulls, now. They're directing their hate at another breed. A breed smaller than the pit bull... dachshunds. Chihuahuas. Papillons. That's right. They are literally mauling small breed dogs. And, what I can't fathom is why.

We have the same people here that tell us a dog is a dog is a dog. Train him right. Raise him right. Socialize him. You'll have a friend for life. Telling us dachshunds are more vicious than pit bulls. A dachshund is more likely to turn on you than a pit bull. Dachshunds are mean dogs. Chihuahuas are "yap yap breeds" that bite ankles for fun. Pomeranians are fucking vicious brats. Spell it with me, folks:

They are swearing by socialization. They are swearing by the fact that any dog has the capability of being friendly. They are swearing by the fact that every dog is a dog. Yet, they are doing exactly what the media has been doing to their dogs for years. They are making small dogs another target. And, just because chihuahuas or dachshunds or affenpinschers aren't on BSL list now doesn't mean they won't be. Hello, pugs have already made it! What makes anyone think chihuahuas or doxies will be spared? Frankly, I'm getting sick of hearing "pit bull advocates" talk down on my breed.

You wanna know a secret? Of all the dog forums I'm on; smalldogforum, pitbullforum, chihuahua-people, centralpetz and dogster; the only one I have ever heard call another breed of dog "vicious" on over and over and over again is the pit bull one. I have left that forum at least three times because of it. People have called yorkies evil dogs. They've referred to chihuahuas as yap yap breeds. They've told me my dachshund would one day bite me. It's pathetic.

What baffles me is; why are they doing this?

And, can we really blame them?

In this day in age,we; as pit bull owners; are living in fear of losing our beloved pets. I know this; I am owned by two wonderful American pit bull terriers. Every day I roll out of bed I'm fucking terrified that I'll turn on the TV and hear about BSL hitting me. I'm paranoid to leave my dogs unattended. I'm worried that one day; at the old ages of 6 and 10; my dogs will be taken away because they have no papers, they have no records- they're just mutt dogs that happen to resemble pit bulls- and get euthanized because one neighbor complained. One neighbor feared for her childs life. One neighbor worried about her yap yap breed. And, I imagine- that's where the hate rises. Pit bull owners think small dog owners walk around with pride and dignity- not a care in the world. That just isn't true. Small dogs have been banned, too. Small dogs can get banned, too. And, having two small dogs, I know the hate and fear people fear towards them. It's often that I hear "Don't go near that dog! She'll bite your ankle!" It's often that I hear "Look at that little ankle biter! She looks like a rat!" It's often. And, rather you pit bull advocates like to believe it or not- it hurts. A lot of dog lovers say that their dog is like their child. They will defend him no matter what. What do you do when you have two pit bulls, a chihuahua and a dachshund and all anyone can ever show any of them is hate? That's not just one; but four dogs you have to defend. Four dogs that are spat on because they're not golden retrievers. Four dogs that feel racism and prejudice just as much as your American pit bull terrier.

Some pittie advocates need a stress reliever. I think that might be why they pin the "aggression" on small dogs. They're stressed. They think small dog owners have it easy. So, they accuse our dogs of being vicious. Evil. Biters. Not realizing they are going to; inevitably; put our dogs through the same suffering that their dogs are going through right now. It's getting there. I wouldn't doubt if; in 20 years, chihuahuas are "talk of the media". I can see the headlines "Chihuahua mauls infant". You laugh, but pittie advocates are bringing it to that.

I hate to say it, but I think some pit bull advocates can be as aggressive as the media wants their dogs to be; which isn't helping our cause. It's making us look bad. It's making our dogs look bad. Stop being just a pit bull advocate. Be a dog advocate. After all, pit bulls aren't their own species. If you're gonna worry about them; worry about their cousins. Worry about dogs all together. Worry about the miniature bull terrier. The pug. The french bulldog. The boston terrier. They're all "bully" breeds, too. Where's their love? Where's their protection?

Overall, I prefer the company of small dog owners. Pit bull owners are always pinning them as bad people; it just isn't true. Almost any small dog owner I've met loves all dogs big and small. They rescue all dogs. Not just chihuahuas. Pit bulls, too. They care about all dogs. Not just yorkshire terriers. Mastiffs, too. They will tell you that you have the cutest dog in the world if he's 150 lbs bigger than their shih tzu.

Pit bull advocates should take a lesson from them.

I have a lot of respect for the pittie advocates that will try and defend small breeds when they're under attack. Those people have won my heart. We need more of them. Because, as a small dog owner, I know that sometimes- it's hard to stick up for ourselves.

I don't wanna lose my pit bulls. I don't want the breed to become extinct.

But, frankly, I don't wanna lose my chihuahua or dachshund, either because one pit bull advocate told someone that they bite ankles.

It's coming to that.

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